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Vice Chancellor’s Elite Scholarship Selection Weekend


Congratulations on being selected for this years Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship Selection Weekend! You should be incredibly proud of your achievements so far.

Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarships are awarded to the best and brightest Year 12 applicants across Australia. There were an overwhelming number of applications for the Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship this year, and you are one of just 24 students in the nation to be shortlisted for the Selection Weekend. 

On this page, you will find a number of links and resources to accompany the weekend of activities. Remember, while we might be physically distant, you certainly aren't alone. Contact us at any time - we're here to help.

What to expect

Vice Chancellor’s Mentoring Program

The Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship is the University's most prestigious and longest standing scholarship. With only a handful awarded each year, the process to award the scholarships is vigorous and well-defined.

In addition to being awarded with a a full tuition remission scholarship, every Vice Chancellor’s Elite Scholar is also invited to participate in the Vice Chancellor’s Mentoring Program. The Mentoring Program connects each scholar with an influential corporate mentor, and is intended to cultivate industry links, networks and business acumen for our Vice Chancellor’s Elite scholars. Our mentors are all highly regarded senior executives, who have forged their own successful careers in the corporate world, and generously work alongside each Vice Chancellor’s Elite scholar for their first year of study, to help prepare them for a phenomenal career beyond university. Some examples of past VC Mentors include Mr Graham Annelsey - CEO, Gold Coast Titans, Ms Marion Charlton - Chief Operating Officer, Gold Coast Airport and Ms Trish Hogan - CEO, Pindara Private Hospital. 

Build connections, now

  • One of the things our scholarship finalists find most surprising about the Vice Chancellor's Elite Selection Weekend is how many friends they made from the experience.

    Assessment is part of the weekend, but it's also about you building your network of friends, and deciding if Bond is right for you. This year, we've set up a private Facebook Group where you can get to know the people who might become your lifelong friends.

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  • We've put together a playlist of our favourite tunes to help you prepare for an amazing weekend. You can also add your own favourites!

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  • You'll be participating in all the Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship Selection Weekend fun from home. Here are a few tips for setting up your space.

    1. Set up somewhere quiet. You'll have a more enjoyable experience if you choose somewhere free from distraction. 
    2. Get comfortable. Whether it's a desk in your room of your favourite chair, make sure you're comfortable. If you feel your best, you'll be your best!
    3. Take in your surroundings. Find a relatively plain backdrop, without any distractions or movement. It's a great idea to test your lighting before you log in, too.

    You'll be able to test your connection in th week leading up to the selection weekend - we'll be in touch with more details.

One of the things our scholarship finalists find most surprising about the Vice Chancellor's Elite Selection Weekend is how many friends they made from the experience.

Assessment is part of the weekend, but it's also about you building your network of friends, and deciding if Bond is right for you. This year, we've set up a private Facebook Group where you can get to know the people who might become your lifelong friends.

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Wondering what it's like to be a Vice Chancellor's Scholar?

Hear from current scholar, and Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International relations student, Alissa Woods.

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Everything you need to know about living on campus at Bond.

Written by Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts student, and Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholar, Maeve Moroney.

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Meet your Bond Buddies

  • I’m from Adelaide and I went to Prince Alfred College. My favourite thing about studying at Bond is the people accessible from whom you can learn and live. While the extent of your social, extra-curricular and educational involvement is entirely in your control, you have the option to throw yourself into almost anything. I think it’s important to spend time deeply considering our paths and upon reaching the decision point, to prove that choice the right one. It might seem like hypocritical advice given I’ve transitioned from allied health, to Medicine, to now start-up and entrepreneurship while researching, but the deeper story holds this philosophy true. There’s been some incredible memories in my time at Bond: the flood relief, on-campus virtual marathon and ‘Worlds Challenge Challenge’ hosted by Western Uni, amongst them.

    Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Jackson Miller
  • I grew up in Mackay and attended Whitsunday Anglican School for 14 years, from Kindergarten until I graduated Grade 12 in 2018.  I love walking on the beach, baking, reading, and learning new makeup techniques.  I’ve also recently joined the Rural Fire Brigade as a volunteer firefighter.

    My most memorable moment at Bond is difficult to pick because there have been so many great experiences over the past four years that I have been here.  Being able to interact and work so closely with the lecturers has been amazing.  It’s a very open and collaborative environment where everyone is willing to help you and provide guidance. I've also loved helping out with and participating in all the different events that Bond offers.

    Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours), Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Dayna Bushell
  • I'm originally from Melbourne and went to school at Mentone Grammar. I spend a ridiculous amount of time with my head underwater staring at a black line, and in between smelling like chlorine I'm an avid coffee drinker and shower singer. I lived in Singapore for 4 years and both my parents aren't from Australia, so my accent is all over the place. Currently I'm studying a Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science.

    My favourite thing about studying at Bond is definitely the sense of community. You feel like everyone here wants the best for you which helps for those living out of home.

    Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Hannah Schmidt
  • My name is Ruby Liptak, I am 19 years old, and I come from Glenelg, a beach suburb in South Australia. I went to Westminster School and I am passionate about sport - running and netball in particular - and love everything to do with the beach. I feel as though Bond has been the closest thing to replicating the same community and support that I received in high school. The teachers, students and food and beverage staff are all so friendly. I have met some of the most amazing people here and it feels as though Bond attracts people with similar attitudes and outlooks on how to have a fun and balanced life while studying. The selectors have already seen something incredible in all of you, so use that as a confidence boost and try and get to know everyone as much as you can (even though it’s virtual). Have fun and feel proud of yourselves - it is a huge achievement just making it this far! Good luck!

    Bachelor of Actuarial Science/Bachelor of Laws, Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Ruby Liptak
  • My name is Charlotte and I graduated from Fairholme College in Toowoomba in 2020. In high school I enjoyed debating and playing touch and futsal. I have loved getting to know a diverse group of people from all over Australia and the world. Just relax and let your true personality shine through. There is no right or wrong answer to a question.

    Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce, Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Charlotte Kath
  • I am Christopher Airey, and I study a Bachelor of Actuarial Science. In 2020 I graduated from Coomera Anglican College, and I have lived on the Gold Coast for my entire life! I love to go out in the boat or find new music to play and practice on my guitar and drums in my free time!
    My most memorable moment last year from Bond would have to be during ‘O week’ (Formally known as Orientation Week). ‘O week’ goes so fast, and it is a blast of different emotions—new beginnings, new subjects, new friends, and for many people, a whole new state. After just a couple of days of celebrating and settling in, Bond becomes your new second home.

    Bachelor of Actuarial Science, Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Christopher Airey
  • All the way from the West Coast, I went to High School at Mercedes College within the heart of Perth City. Throughout high school I loved both netball and surf life saving. This love of sport led me to my degree at Bond, the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, with the goal of completing the Doctor of Physiotherapy as my post grad. Despite not always planning on going to Bond, I couldn’t be more grateful that I am studying here now (an absolute positive of COVID). I actually always wanted to travel the world and take a gap year. For my 18th birthday I even got my gap year backpack that is now in the Goldie with me!  I love the lifestyle and support that Bond and the Gold Coast provides. Everyone within the Bond community wants to help you reach your potential whether that’s academically or within your personal life. This is a testament to the academics, support staff and small class sizes, which allow you to create a little family within your degree. Hannah Schmidt, a fellow VC Scholar will testify to our sport and exercise (SPEX) family that involves social events with both first and second years.

    Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Vynka Hohnen Scholarship - Georgia Gillibrand
  • My name is Cameron Saliba, I was born in Sydney but since age 3 have lived on the Gold Coast, not 10 minutes from the Bond University campus. I love music, having played drums and guitar since primary school, and I play in multiple bands. If you play an instrument or love discussing music let me know! I also enjoy all kinds of sports and getting down to the beach. My advice is to really embrace this selection weekend and all it entails, regardless of the outcome. My selection weekend was incredibly fun, insightful, and rewarding. I was able to meet many incredible people just like yourselves, from all over Australia, many of whom I can call good friends today. Similarly, I’m sure your experience will be equally positive, and I look forward to meeting you all soon!

    Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce, Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Cameron Saliba
  • I'm a Gold Coast local and am in my sixth semester of the Bachelor of Laws program. I went to Emmanuel College and enjoy athletics, hiking and creative writing. I have enjoyed being a Student For a Semester mentor at Bond, as well as getting involved in many other extra curricular activities. Now that we can travel again, I look forward to studying abroad for a semester next year! My most memorable moment at Bond has been winning a Law competiton with my friend and receiving work experience at a top tier firm as a reward! I recently completed my work experience and I had the most amazing time! I'm so grateful for all the incredible career opportunities that Bond provides.

    Bachelor of Laws, Vice Chancellor's Excellence Scholarship - Isabella Parsons
  • I am currently in my third semester studying Law and Commerce. I enjoy surfing and AFL, and I am originally from Melbourne. My favourite thing about studying at Bond is the ability to be so close with so many people, and to reside in a state with such beautiful weather, surf, and beaches. My advice is to be yourself and don't stress! You all have something unique to offer so take a deep breath in and just do your best!

    Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws, Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Harrison Huber
  • I'm in my third semester studying Film and Television. I am from Sydney but moved to Bond at the start of the year. I love playing soccer and the bass guitar. So far, my favourite Bond memories have come from the events held by BUSA (the Bond Uni Students Association). These events have been a great way to get to know people from all faculties and to have fun with my friends. Living on campus has also led to many other memorable moments. My advice is to have fun, be yourself and make the most of this incredible opportunity!

    Bachelor of Film and Television, Vice Chancellor's Elite Scholarship - Emma Sheller
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