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5 secrets of successful students

A new semester is a new chance to excel and achieve your best in your studies.

The Academic Skills Centre helps hundreds of Bond students to improve their grades and academic experience every semester. As the experts, the team has a unique insight into the secrets of success.

1. Get organised!

The start of a new semester is usually the time when you’re feeling at your keenest and most motivated – after all, you have an exciting 14 weeks of new learning ahead! Take advantage of that feeling of fresh enthusiasm and get yourself organised right from the start.

  • Download a semester study planner from iLearn
  • Put in all the key dates for assignments, presentations, exams etc so you have a clear picture of what’s coming up and when. (You can usually find all this info on iLearn on the subject outline).
  • Figure out your study strategy – when, where and how do you study best?
  • Plan weekly study / review sessions to stay on top of all your work throughout the semester.

2. The early bird catches the worm

If you want to be one of the success stories, start early!

Once you know what your assignments / presentations are going to involve, start doing your research. This often takes a lot longer than you expect, so get into it when you have time on your hands because you can be sure that the pressure is going to build up as the semester goes on. Book an appointment with your faculty librarian for research help

3. Be a goal-setter

Decide what you want to achieve on a weekly basis and also over the longer term - and stick to the plan! Whether it be getting to grips with the weekly content of each of your subjects or a more long-term plan, you need to put in the time and effort. Setting goals and working consistently gets you closer to achieving those aims.

4. Review, review, review!

Use mind maps, tools like, and group study sessions to review your learning on a weekly basis.

Use the knowledge and expertise of your lecturers and tutors

Asking for help doesn’t have to mean that you’re struggling or failing - though of course if you find yourself in either of those situations, you most definitely should! But smart students use all the resources around them to add to their knowledge and build their skills. Your lecturers and tutors have weekly consultation times when you can talk one-on-one and ask all those things you didn’t understand or have chance to ask during the forum.

The Academic Skills Centre – ASC can help you with all things academic. Make an appointment to chat to us early in the semester and we’ll give you some tips on study strategies. Book in to discuss your assignments or presentations throughout the semester and we’ll give you some feedback on what you need to improve.

So, get yourself organised right from the beginning and make the most of all the wonderful opportunities and services here at Bond to help you become that shining star!

Here’s to success!

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