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Child health and development

Project: Parent or Carer Insights into Infant and Child Development and Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists currently support infants/children who present to them with delayed motor development. Research has shown that children with developmental delays presenting to physiotherapists for services at an early age, generally have better outcomes than those who present at an older age. Little is known about parent/carer insights into typical motor development in infants and children and when they might contact a physiotherapist to support their child.

Therefore, the purpose of this research is to:

  1. Identify parent/carer insights of typical motor development in infants and children and understand when they would seek assistance from a physiotherapist.
  2. Understand what barriers exist in accessing paediatric physiotherapy services within their local area.
  3. Determine parent and carer current access to smart phone/video technology within the home setting and determine if parents/carers feel this might be a good way to access physiotherapy services.

How to get involved

To be involved with this research you are required to be a parent/carer over 18 years of age with a child aged 0 - 16 years, or currently expecting a child to come into your care within the next 8 months.

Participants will be required to complete an online questionnaire which should take approximately 20 minutes. 

Or alternately, visit our Facebook page where you will find further details outlining our research project including posts about how you can get involved.

Your participation in this research project is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time.

By participating in this survey, you will be providing valuable information which will be used to develop appropriate resources to assist with providing services to children who require physiotherapy and their families.

Participation in this survey is completely voluntary and all responses will be made anonymously.

This study has been approved by the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee (BUHREC) Protocol Number 15902.

This project is part of a larger higher degree of research program titled: Improving Access to Paediatric Physiotherapy: can telehealth technologies help?

Need more information

Contact Cherie Zischke
[email protected]