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Wolfgang Babeck

Level 3, Building 4, Faculty of Law, Bond University

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Professional biography

Wolfgang joined Bond in 2010, having studied and worked at the University of Passau, Free University of Berlin, Tbilisi State University, Humboldt University and later the College of Law of England and Wales. He has also been managing partner of German law firm Buse Heberer Fromm and European Counsel at DibbsBarker in Sydney. Wolfgang's first area of academic interest is the dialogue between Civil and Common law. While both legal systems have a wealth of experience, practitioners of both know little about the other system's approaches despite the increasing need for commercial and legal cross border solutions. As a practising solicitor, Wolfgang has focussed his research on company law and corporate governance. He is currently working on a comparative document on issues of control in companies in Australia and Germany. His second area of interest is the constitutional systems of Eastern Europe and the former Republics of the Soviet Union. While he has been advising on the transition of both commercial and administrative laws in a number of transition countries, he is particularly familiar with constitutional issues in the Republic of Georgia.

Professional appointments

  • Executive - Law Council of Australia (International Section)
  • Solicitor - Supreme Court of NSW
  • Solicitor - Rechtsanwalt (Germany)
  • Solicitor - Supreme Court of England and Wales


  • Master of Laws Free University of Berlin
  • Doctor of Law Humboldt University (Berlin)

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