AstPr Jackson Walkden-Brown

AstPr Jackson Walkden-Brown

  • Assistant Professor
    Faculty of Law
Level 2, 4. Faculty of Law, Bond University

Professional biography

Jackson is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law. He joined the Faculty in 2004. Jackson's principal areas of teaching and research include legal education theory, legal foundations, animal law and entertainment law. He has designed curricula for a significant number of compulsory, elective and clinical law subjects, for both traditional and online delivery. Jackson has been recognised for teaching excellence during his time at Bond with awards in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2016. For most of his academic career, Jackson has also maintained a part-time practice as a solicitor, specialising in entertainment law. He has a keen interest in exploring the digital disruption of legal services and embracing technological advances to develop new and innovative ways to deliver cost-effective legal services to his clients. Jackson also has extensive practical experience in the pro bono sector and an ongoing relationship with a number of community legal centres and volunteer organisations.

Statement of research interests

My research interests include legal education, animal law, and entertainment law.

With respect to legal education, my primary interests are digital disruption of legal services and education, curriculum and assessment design, clinical education and law student wellness.

With respect to animal law, my primary interest is the philosophical and theoretical foundations of our relations with non-human animals.

With respect to entertainment law, my primary interests are copyright and the transactional aspects of the creative industries.

I am currently enrolled in a PhD in which I am applying Foucauldian discourse theory to examine the power dynamics evident in the intensive animal agriculture sector.

Areas of research expertise

  • Law