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Open Day a window to the future for students

Whether you want to be an architect, a forensic scientist or the CEO of a major corporation, Bond University can provide the pathway to achieving that goal and on Sunday (July 13) more than 1,000 prospective students will be on campus to see what the institution has to offer.

Bond University’s annual Open Day has a carnival atmosphere, but its underlying purpose is quite serious – to show the future leaders of the nation across all facets of industry how to achieve their goals.

Bond University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Tim Brailsford, said the annual event was the perfect opportunity for prospective students to consider all their options and see – and experience - what is available to them.

“We are showcasing the future of education here at Bond and will be rolling out new programs, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and introducing innovative ideas in a way that gives prospective students clarity and clear choices,” he said.

“They will be able to speak to existing students, engage with academics and participate in a broad range of interactive activities across all our faculties.”

Professor Brailsford said the faculties of Business, Society & Design, Law and Health Sciences & Medicine all had active programs planned:

  • The Bond Business School will open the doors to its Bond Start-Up Space, where budding entrepreneurs can learn how to turn their ideas into commercial reality; the faculty’s newest program, Actuarial Science, will also be showcased.
  • The Faculty of Society & Design will put its games and multimedia hub on show, with visitors able to test the latest creations by students and emerging technologies; its award-winning Abedian School of Architecture will feature its cutting-edge new architectural robot in action; and visitors will be able to try their hand at filming or news reading on camera in Bond’s next-generation film and television studios.
  • At the Law faculty, an entertaining and engaging mock trial based on the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty will take place. 
  • The Health Sciences & Medicine faculty will be inviting visitors to check their mobility, fitness, strength and nutrition; take in the vast array of state-of-the-art medical laboratory equipment; or learn more about the fascinating area of forensic science through fingerprint dusting in a scene-of-crime area.

The Open Day starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm, with campus tours departing every 30 minutes. Tours of the Corrigan Walk (Australia’s largest private indigenous art collection) depart at 11am and 12.30pm and there will be roaming entertainers and activities involving Bond’s student musicians, sportsmen and women and performing arts students in every corner of the campus.

Bond student Dakota-Lily Morris, who is currently studying a double degree - Bachelor of International Relations (IR) and Bachelor of Laws - said her visit to last year’s Bond Open Day with her father Russell Morris, cemented her decision to attend Bond.

“I was so unsure about coming because I wasn’t sure of what degree to do and whether or not I should pursue a double degree in both Law and International Relations,” she said. 

“Dad and I went to Open Day in the hope of either talking to a student or lecturer to find out more.

“When we walked into Bond’s Multimedia Learning Centre, the first person to greet us was a current Law/International Relations double degree student who was able to talk to us about his own experience, before directing us to an Assistant Professors of IR, Mark Dinnen, who gave me more information and advice.

“Open Day was great because it provided a really personal experience; there is only so much that the internet can provide.

“Not only did Open Day provide me with information about my course of interest, but it also gave me an insight into the atmosphere and the people at the University.

“My experience of Bond and the students I met at Open Day were pretty much the same as when I arrived on campus – all the students are lovely, welcoming and friendly and the lecturers and tutors are helpful and considerate.”

Professor Brailsford said the Open Day aimed to showcase both the depth of learning experiences and the unique campus atmosphere on offer at Bond University.

“Bond University has some of the world’s best educators and our campus facilities are second to none, but it is the Bond Community and the Bond experience that our graduates tell us is what sets us apart,” Professor Brailsford said.

“Becoming a Bondie opens doors and provides opportunities internationally across all levels and in all areas of business and industry. Open Day is a great introduction to that experience.”


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