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Duke of York meets Bond entrepreneurs ahead of [email protected]

One of the hopefuls pitching their business ideas to His Royal Highness the Duke or York at Bond University today has shown true entrepreneurial spirit by cornering the Royal before any rivals got the chance.

Ryan Carroll was among a select group of students who met the Duke of York at the Bond Business School before any [email protected] pitches had taken place.

Carroll wasted no time plugging his Ideal Breakfast Shake which is a breakfast cereal replacement and post-workout recovery supplement.

When the Duke spotted Carroll at a larger gathering of students at the university’s Transformer hub for student entrepreneurs, he gave the would-be tycoon a playful dressing down.

“I’m not to listen to him because he came and snuck in early and so I’ve purposely not listened to him,” the Duke said.

“I don’t give him any advantage over the rest of you.”

Carroll then replied, “Wink, wink!”

“I beg your pardon!” the Duke said. “You can’t say that! Cheeky!”

The Duke is at Bond University for the Queensland final of his international [email protected] competition for entrepreneurs.

Earlier, he was greeted by Bond University Chancellor Dr Annabelle Bennett, Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Tim Brailsford, and wellwishers in the university quadrangle.

Among them were Vanessa Lottstaedt of Germany, Harry Singh of India and Nico Agliagata of the UK.

“We’re in exam week, so just every excuse to get out of there,” joked Agliagata.

“I’ve been to Buckingham Palace but never come across any royals.”

While at the Transformer hub, the Duke offered tips to those about to pitch their ideas to judges.

“I make no bones about putting you under pressure,” he said.

“The whole idea is to put you under pressure. Because when you’re under pressure you perform at a much higher rate.

“These are just a number of occasions when you’re going to be in these sorts of environments.

“It could be an investor, it could be somebody who is going to materially make a difference to what your business is.

“So this is all about giving you a training plan to put you under pressure.”

The Duke said the pitchers should “never underestimate serendipity”.

“Whilst you are talking and telling (the audience) about what it is that you’re doing, somebody will be sitting in the audience and go, ‘Ah! I know exactly what I should be doing, or what you should be doing.

“The trick is to make sure you the entrepreneur and that person meet.

“And the last thing I’ll say to you is it’s meant to be fun, so enjoy it.”

Judging for the Queensland final of [email protected] will be held this afternoon.

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