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Choosing the right university is a big decision

Be brave and aim high – that’s the advice from Bond University’s Gold Coast Regional Manager Tom Betts to the literally thousands of nervous students who have enrolled at Bond during his 20 years at the university.

For students who are about to lodge their QTAC preferences, Mr Betts strongly advises they talk to current university students, graduates, professors and their career advisors to plan their ideal career path and to decide which university will provide the experience and education they are wanting. 

 “I always tell prospective students to aim high and importantly I also tell them that it is not life and death if they don’t get their future career path and course selection absolutely correct first time,” said Mr Betts.

“Lodging a QTAC application is not like locking in your life career path and throwing away the key.

“I’ve seen students who have started out studying law, and have ended up pursuing totally different careers, such as international diplomacy.

“While there are always options to change course direction down the track, there are quite a few steps students can take to increase the likelihood of selecting a course and a campus that is just right for them from the outset.

“Apart from speaking to a range of people they should also look at the Good Universities Guide to compare graduate outcomes, starting salaries, full-time employment rates and also consider the level of satisfaction that they believe a certain profession will give them personally.

“Waiting for the QTAC process can be nerve-wracking.   Bond University has an apply direct option, so if you can’t wait you don’t have to,” he said.

Tom’s Top Ten Tips for Finding the Right University and Course for you

  1. Picture yourself in five years. Where do you want to be working? What do you want to be doing all day? With and for whom do you want to do this work? And where in the world? You don’t have to have all the answers, but only you can try to find them.
  2. Talk to your careers advisor and get advice. They can help you arrange your preferences when you apply.
  3. Ask universities about their class sizes – how big are their lectures and tutorial classes?  
  4. Talk to the universities you are considering and find out the job prospects for graduates of the course you are interested in – what are their graduate employment rates and average starting salaries?
  5. Talk to your family.
  6. Talk to students or graduates of the universities you are considering, especially those who are enrolled in the degree which interests you.
  7. Be ‘a spy for a day’: that is, go to the universities that you are considering on a normal teaching day and ‘get a feel for it’.
  8. Talk to the department you want to study in. Ask them about career paths and opportunities for relevant work experience.
  9. Ask permission to sit in on classes, especially smaller tutorials.
  10. Be brave and aim high.

If students or parents would like further advice regarding career options or guidance on how to work through the QTAC application process please contact at Bond University on 1800 074 074.

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