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Bond Takes Third Place at International Negotiation Competition

Bond University had the privilege of hosting the 2010 International Negotiation Competition (INC) from 1-4 July 2010.

The annual competition was first held at Pepperdine University in the United States in 1998 and has since grown to become a truly international contest.

16 teams representing 14 countries travelled to Bond to participate, most of who are winners of their home country’s national competition.

The INC is designed to develop the negotiation skills of law students in the context of international transactions and disputes, and is comprised of three rounds based on separate and detailed scenarios.

Despite the cooler weather the competitors had an exciting start to the competition with a visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where the kangaroo feeding was a highlight. This visit formed the basis for some cleverly crafted negotiation problems for the competitors to tackle.

The judges, coaches and helpers were impressed with the high standard of negotiations that took place. The final results saw first place awarded to the USA 2 team from Texas Tech University. Ireland from King’s Inns, Dublin came in second, and in third place was the Australia 2 team from Bond University.

Bond is proud to have been placed third and would like to congratulate students Bradley Ramsden and Adam Goldner on their outstanding achievement. Adam and Brad began developing their negotiating skills participating in Bond University's Law Faculty Skills Program and were the winners of the 2009 Bond University LSA Negotiation Competition.

Special thanks to coaches Kylie Fletcher and Ian Stevens for their commitment and dedication.

The event closed with an awards ceremony and banquet. All competitors spoke very highly of Bond University and were grateful at the opportunity to travel to Australia and form friendships from around the globe.

(L to R): Ian Stevens, Bradley Ramsden, Kay Lachland, Kylie Fletcher, Adam Goldner and Professor Larry Teply.

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