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Bond collaborates with Dartmouth on energy management

Bond University has collaborated with engineering faculty of the US Ivy League University Dartmouth to introduce a Master of Energy Management qualification, a collaboration that is a first of its kind in Australia in the field of energy sustainability.

The program aims to produce world class energy experts with skills that meet Australia's looming conservation needs, with global perspective and industry connections. Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering will deliver 40 per cent of the subjects involved in the course, which was a significant role for the US University.

Bond University's Dean of the Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture, Professor George Earl said this was an exciting development for both the University and the industry as energy management is a key component to Australia's future economic growth.

"What we are focussing on is how we conserve and better use energy and power, and that is fundamental to the growth of Australia”, said Prof Earl.

"Our ability to build energy efficient power plants in Australia is limited by environmental concerns, and in the future we are going to have to do a lot more with less.

"This course will produce world leaders in this field by transforming engineers to energy managers with the ability to look at buildings, new development, urban design and how we can make them much more energy efficient."

Dartmouth Engineering Professor and Master of Engineering Management Program Director, Robert Graves said “The energy technologies and environmental engineering faculty of Dartmouth has many years of teaching and research experience in this field, including at venues in Europe as well as here in the US.

“The engagement of this faculty with Bond’s new program provides them an opportunity to utilize a hybrid model of both face-to-face instruction as well as emerging distance learning technologies in teaching these important fields,” he said.

Commencing in September this year, the ten-subject program can be completed in one year, or three full semesters. Offering qualified energy experts and those working in the engineering and mining fields with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge, broader their skills and expand their international networks.

The Master of Energy Management (MEM) covers subject areas including energy conservation and utilisation, industrial ecology, economics, environmental management and climate change, project management and project finance, and risk and uncertainty.

Prof Earl said the Master of Energy Management qualification would equip graduates with the required skills to become the next generation of energy leaders.

"They will be the managers and decision makers with the necessary insight and knowledge to address the challenges in energy management that face us today and into the future," he said.

"Graduates will have a strong understanding of business engineering practice as it relates to energy management, and the skills to incorporate the broad context of energy management into future economic case studies that will be necessary under the paradigm of sustainable development in various industries such as minerals, oil and gas, water, waste, and power generation.

"It will provide managers and engineers with a broad perspective of the various issues and skills to be able to design appropriate actions and strategies to meet the changing demands in the energy sector challenges.

"They will fill critical jobs such as energy, sustainability, facility or asset managers and energy risk auditors, and many others."

Applicants must hold an approved undergraduate degree in engineering from an internationally recognised institution or equivalent qualifications, or relevant professional experience.

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