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Multi-factor authentication

Bond University has committed to an uplift in our cyber security maturity which will provide greater protection for staff, students and Bond’s information assets. One aspect is to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a new service for all staff and students

What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps safeguard access to your data and applications by adding a second form of authentication to your Bond University account. After enabling MFA, an approve/deny message will be sent to your registered mobile device whenever your Bond account is used to remotely access Bond University IT resources. This won’t apply to accessing data or applications when you are physically on Bond campus.

MFA is more secure than a password alone because MFA relies on multiple forms of authentication to confirm your identity: something you know (a password), plus something you have with you (a mobile phone).  MFA provides the best defence against unauthorised use of your account and can drastically reduce the incident of online fraud and online identity theft because your password is no longer enough to give a thief access to your information.

How do I register?

Registering for MFA requires installing the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app on your smartphone and/or tablet, and then linking this with your Bond account. To register your mobile device, visit this website: and follow the onscreen instructions or follow the detailed instructions below.

Self-service password reset 

After completing the MFA registration you're automatically registered for self-service password reset (SSPR).  If you forget your Bond IT account password, visit and follow the prompts to reset your password.  To confirm it's really you, a message will be sent to your Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device and an SMS, or an email delivered to your personal email account (depending on the preferred method you selected during registration).

MFA Setup Instructions

1. Visit the Microsoft Authenticator download site and install Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile device.

2. Open Microsoft Authenticator and tap Allow

3. Tap OK

4. Tap Skip, Skip and Skip

5. Set your mobile device aside for now.

6. Using your Computer or MAC, browse to: and login with your Bond University account.

  • If you see More information required, click Next: or
  • If you land on the My Sign-ins page, click Add method, Authenticator app and Add:

7. Click Next:

8. (Mobile device) Select Add account and Work or school account:

9. (Mobile device) Tap OK:

10. (Mobile device) Aim your mobile device at the QR code on your computer screen:

11. (Computer) Click Next:

12. A message will pop-up on your mobile device, enter the two numbers displayed on your computer screen and tap Yes:

13. (Computer) Click Next:

14. Now you will need to add a phone number or personal (non email address as a second verification method. Enter your phone number and click Next or click I want to set up a different method select Email and Confirm:

15. Enter your email address and click Next:

16. Check your email to get the code, enter the code and click Next:

17. Click Done and you are finished!

18. If you have a second mobile device, such as an iPad/tablet, you should add a 2nd sign-in method. This is useful as it provides a backup option in case your primary mobile device is unavailable. You can register a maximum of five devices.

19. Click Add method and repeat steps 1 through 12 above.

Bond University - Multi Factor Authentication