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Code of Conduct


Please use the Library and Multimedia Learning Centre facilities responsibly and fairly. These guidelines are designed to ensure the comfort of all customers.

Food & Drink

The following kinds of food and drink are allowed in the Library:

  • Drinks in covered containers (non-alcoholic)
  • Packaged, dry snack foods and fruit¬†can be consumed outside of the silent study areas

Please enjoy all other food before entering the Library or Multimedia Learning spaces.

Computers and keyboards stay cleaner by keeping food and drink away. Please only eat while seated at a table or desk and ensure that all empty containers and rubbish are placed in bins.

Equitable Access

The Library facilities and collections are for the enjoyment and use of all Bond students and staff. Consider how your behaviour can impact on other Bondies:

  • Return your loans on time
  • Keep within the group study room booking time limits
  • Cancel room bookings if you no longer need them
  • Vacate seats at computers if you are not logged in during busy times
  • If using your own laptop or device, sit at a desk¬†without a computer


The Libraries and Multimedia Learning Centre provide a variety of spaces designed for groups or private individual study. Please be aware of your impact on other students especially in the silent study spaces:

  • Please set your phone to silent while in the Library
  • Keep conversations at a reasonable volume
  • Use phones away from the quiet zones
  • Use headphones or earbuds¬†at the computers when viewing video or listening to audio
 Main LibraryLaw LibraryMultimedia Learning Centre
Quiet Conversation
  • Level 2
  • Mezzanine Level 3
  • Group Study rooms Level 2 & 4
  • Level 2
  • Group study rooms Level 3
  • General area
  • Global Links room
Silent Study
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 2 collection area
  • Level 3
  • Digital Media Hub


The Library undertakes to:

  • Provide weekly activity statements so that customers can keep track of their loans and avoid demerit points and lost loan recovery costs
  • Provide timely alerts of overdue loans that would¬†result in recovery costs being levied if not returned
  • Enable online access to customers to their Library accounts to manage loans and requests, and view blocks that are active
  • Enable automatic renewals of regular loans for a generous period to staff and students to minimise the risk of demerit points accruing and¬†lost loan recovery cost charges,¬†and for the convenience of customers


Sarah Fredline

University Librarian

Level 4, Building 1c, Library Annex, Bond University