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About the Library

Bond University Library provides customer-focused, quality innovative services, information resources and programs to support the teaching, learning and research needs of the University community in three locations and through its online services.

Our customers

The academic community

The Library's customers include undergraduate students, postgraduates, academic staff, alumni, customers from institutions with which the University has formal links, such as other universities in the region.

Our service

Customer-focused support service

The Bond University community and external organisations recognise the Library as a highly customer-focused support service. This reputation is due to the high quality and professionalism of its staff and its innovative services.

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Your Ideas

If you have a great idea for the Library please don't keep it a secret. We welcome your feedback.

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Libraries & Facilities

  • Library opening hours

    Check when the Libraries & Multimedia Learning Centre are open today, and into the coming weeks.

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    Read more about Library opening hours
  • Main Library

    The John & Alison Kearney Main Library provides customer-focused, innovative services, resources and learning zones to suit groups and individual study needs.

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    Read more about Main Library
  • Law Library

    The John & Alison Kearney Law Library provides access to both online and print resources to support the learning, teaching and research of the Faculty of Law.

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    Read more about Law Library
  • Multimedia Learning Centre

    The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre is a technology-rich educational environment providing spaces for collaboration and individual learning.

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    Read more about Multimedia Learning Centre
  • Accessible facilities & services

    Services and facilities available to students including wheelchair access, toilets, the Assistive Technology Room and accessible resources.

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    Read more about Accessible facilities & services
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Leadership & Policies


Meet the Library's management team and see the Library Plan

Management team