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MGMT13-305: Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management (HRM) is an integral part of your future career as a manager in any organisation.  Nearly all managers are involved in forecasting staffing needs in their departments, recruiting and selecting new employees, training and developing these employees, appraising and nurturing their performance, and motivating them through pay and rewards.  These activities must effectively support the organisation’s strategic goals and also be legal, fair and consistent.  This intermediate level subject will develop your understanding and hands-on skills related to HRM. Knowing about HRM will also help when you are looking for a job or working in a non-managerial role since everyone is affected by their organisation’s human resource practices.  While the focus of this subject is on what all managers need to know about HRM, it also provides the foundation step toward a career specialising in HRM.

Subject details

FacultyBond Business School
Semesters offered
  • September 2021 [Standard Offering]
  • January 2022 [Standard Offering]
  • September 2022 [Standard Offering]
  • January 2023 [Standard Offering]
  • September 2023 [Standard Offering]
Study areas
  • Business and Commerce
Subject fees
  • Commencing in 2021: $5,260
  • Commencing in 2022: $5,260

Learning outcomes

1. Assess the fit of HR practices to strategy in organisations, demonstrating an appreciation for the concepts of strategic human resource management.
2. Explain why and how to do human resource planning and job analysis.
3. Explain the legal environment for HRM in Australia.
4. Critique recruitment and selection practices and suggest improved approaches, based on research and sound practice.
5. Describe effective practices in employee training and development.
6. Advise on issues involving employee performance appraisal and performance management, discipline, and turnover.
7. Recommend and justify appropriate employee compensation/remuneration practices suited to particular settings and goals.

Enrolment requirements

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Restrictions: ?


Subject outlines

Subject dates

Standard Offering
Enrolment opens02/08/2020
Semester start14/09/2020
Subject start14/09/2020
Cancellation 1?28/09/2020
Cancellation 2?05/10/2020
Last enrolment27/09/2020
Withdraw – Financial?10/10/2020
Withdraw – Academic?31/10/2020
Teaching census?09/10/2020
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens15/11/2020
Semester start18/01/2021
Subject start18/01/2021
Cancellation 1?01/02/2021
Cancellation 2?08/02/2021
Last enrolment31/01/2021
Withdraw – Financial?13/02/2021
Withdraw – Academic?06/03/2021
Teaching census?12/02/2021
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens18/07/2021
Semester start13/09/2021
Subject start13/09/2021
Cancellation 1?27/09/2021
Cancellation 2?04/10/2021
Last enrolment26/09/2021
Withdraw – Financial?09/10/2021
Withdraw – Academic?30/10/2021
Teaching census?08/10/2021