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HUMR71-110: Epistemology and Theory of Knowledge


This subject is concerned with how knowledge is generated and justified in different academic disciplines. It will explore ways of constructing and criticizing arguments and compare the methods employed in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Students will be exposed to basic philosophical ideas about knowledge, and will become familiar with perspectives drawn from the philosophy of science and sociology of knowledge.

Subject details

FacultyFaculty of Society & Design
Semesters offered
  • September 2019 [Non-Standard Offering]
  • January 2020 [Non-Standard Offering - On Campus]
  • May 2020 [Non-Standard Offering - On Campus]
Study areas
  • International Relations and Humanities
Subject fees
  • Commencing in 2019: $2,390
  • Commencing in 2020: $2,510

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate ability to articulate through written tasks competing theories about the nature of truth and knowledge, and to argue in a fair and rational manner for their preferred points of view.
2. Demonstrate ability to present and evaluate sceptical arguments in general, and in the student's relevant primary field of study, by relating specific questions to aspects of their discipline, and providing written presentations accordingly.
3. Demonstrate ability to understand and discuss clearly theory formation and choice between competing theories, as illustrated through their written application of this discussion to theory construction within their primary discipline.
4. Demonstrate capacity to assess and evaluate purported justifications of beliefs and actions, and accordingly to explain in oral presentation and/or written presentation why a given belief or action is or is not justified.

Enrolment requirements

Requisites: ?


Restrictions: ?

This subject is not available as a general elective. To be eligible for enrolment, the subject must be specified in the students’ program structure.

Subject outlines

Subject dates

Non-Standard Offering
Enrolment opens11/11/2018
Semester start14/01/2019
Subject start04/02/2019
Cancellation 1?16/02/2019
Cancellation 2?19/02/2019
Last enrolment14/02/2019
Withdraw – Financial?27/02/2019
Withdraw – Academic?14/03/2019
Teaching census?26/02/2019
Non-Standard Offering
Enrolment opens18/03/2019
Semester start13/05/2019
Subject start03/06/2019
Cancellation 1?15/06/2019
Cancellation 2?18/06/2019
Last enrolment13/06/2019
Withdraw – Financial?26/06/2019
Withdraw – Academic?11/07/2019
Teaching census?25/06/2019
Non-Standard Offering
Enrolment opens14/07/2019
Semester start09/09/2019
Subject start30/09/2019
Cancellation 1?13/10/2019
Cancellation 2?16/10/2019
Last enrolment11/10/2019
Withdraw – Financial?25/10/2019
Withdraw – Academic?10/11/2019
Teaching census?24/10/2019