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BUSN13-331: Business Model Generation


The first of an innovative, two-subject sequence, Business Model Generation leads students through a systematic process to invent, design and implement new business models. It is an adaptive, iterative and collaborative approach that can be used to create value for customers, organisations and society. Despite the emphasis on business models, the process is equally useful in a variety of contexts from non-profit ventures to organisational change. A primary focus of this subject is on applying the tools and techniques needed to design, test and validate a business model to meet an identified real need, opportunity or problem. Within this context, students have the opportunity to develop their creativity, communication, collaboration and related skills while fostering a comprehensive business perspective integrating a broad range of disciplinary knowledge from previous studies in marketing, accounting, management, finance, information technology and other areas. At the end of this subject, you will be part of a team primed to take a specific business through its life cycle of launching through to shutting down in the next subject, Business Model Execution.

Subject details

FacultyBond Business School
Semesters offered
  • May 2022 [Standard Offering]
  • September 2022 [Standard Offering]
  • January 2023 [Standard Offering]
  • May 2023 [Standard Offering]
  • September 2023 [Standard Offering]
Study areas
  • Business and Commerce
Subject fees
  • Commencing in 2022: $5,260
  • Commencing in 2023: $5,400

Learning outcomes

1. Define what a business model is, describing its key elements and how they interrelate. 2. Apply the tools and techniques of business model generation (e.g., customer empathy map, ideation techniques, visual thinking tools, prototyping, storytelling) to discover customer needs and develop validated products and services to meet those needs. 3. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a given business model and consider its economic, social and environmental implications. 4. Demonstrate interpersonal skills and teamwork in the design and validation of a business model. 5. Deliver a persuasive presentation of your validated business model using appropriate visual aids. 6. Create various written documents using appropriate style, tone and format for a given audience. 7. Demonstrate the ability to reflect on, evaluate and extract insights and new learning from your experiences.

Enrolment requirements

Requisites: ?


Restrictions: ?
  • Study Abroad Students

Students must have successfully completed 120 credit points of their program prior to undertaking this subject.

This subject is not available as a general elective. To be eligible for enrolment, the subject must be specified in the students’ program structure.

Subject outlines

Subject dates

Standard Offering
Enrolment opens18/07/2021
Semester start13/09/2021
Subject start13/09/2021
Cancellation 1?27/09/2021
Cancellation 2?04/10/2021
Last enrolment26/09/2021
Withdraw – Financial?09/10/2021
Withdraw – Academic?30/10/2021
Teaching census?08/10/2021
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens14/11/2021
Semester start17/01/2022
Subject start17/01/2022
Cancellation 1?31/01/2022
Cancellation 2?07/02/2022
Last enrolment30/01/2022
Withdraw – Financial?12/02/2022
Withdraw – Academic?05/03/2022
Teaching census?11/02/2022
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens20/03/2022
Semester start16/05/2022
Subject start16/05/2022
Cancellation 1?30/05/2022
Cancellation 2?06/06/2022
Last enrolment29/05/2022
Withdraw – Financial?11/06/2022
Withdraw – Academic?02/07/2022
Teaching census?10/06/2022
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens17/07/2022
Semester start12/09/2022
Subject start12/09/2022
Cancellation 1?26/09/2022
Cancellation 2?03/10/2022
Last enrolment25/09/2022
Withdraw – Financial?08/10/2022
Withdraw – Academic?29/10/2022
Teaching census?07/10/2022