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This program is not available to international students who intend to apply for a student visa to undertake this program.

Key features

  • Experience small class sizes and personalised learning
  • Interactive, virtual online classroom
  • Collaborative online face-to-face learning
  • Innovative content delivery using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform
  • Learn from experience teachers from diverse backgrounds

About the program

With internationalisation revolutionising education globally, the ability to teach in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms is no longer only needed by English as a Second Language teachers but is becoming essential for all teachers, at all levels of education in Australia and globally. Show more

With internationalisation revolutionising education globally, the ability to teach in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms is no longer only needed by English as a Second Language teachers but is becoming essential for all teachers, at all levels of education in Australia and globally. The Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Online) develops knowledge and skills necessary for teaching English as a Second or Additional Language and for working in diverse classrooms in varied educational contexts, in Australia and internationally. The Graduate Certificate is designed to prepare prospective teachers for the initial experience of language teaching and/or to provide experienced educators with an opportunity for professional development and for extending their qualifications.
The Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Online) involves the completion of four subjects which develop theoretical knowledge of second language teaching and learning, and provide opportunities for teacher trainees to apply these theories in language classrooms. Students engage in the equivalent of 150 contact hours of synchronous and asynchronous online/multimodal sessions, focusing on the principles and applications of teaching English as a Second or Additional Language. Students have an opportunity to work with a lecturer and peers in weekly interactive and collaborative tutorials. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to become part of a dynamic learning community. Students also engage in self-paced learning through pre-recorded and post-recorded resources and gamified learning activities. The practical component involves students in an approximately 30-hour Practicum, during which they observe other professionals in action and teach under their supervision for a minimum of 6 hours. Pending their performance in the program, we can assist students located on the Gold Coast in completing the Practicum at Bond University College, an English Language Centre on the Bond University campus. If students are unable to complete their Practicum at Bond University College, it is their responsibility to secure the placement in another ELT centre. Depending on prior qualifications and individual arrangements, students may organise their Practicum in schools (if they are registered teachers) or in other ELT Centres. Many teachers complete the Practicum at the place of their current employment.
Students can commence their studies in the Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Online) in the January, May or September semester. All domestic students and international online students can study either part-time or full-time. International students who study in Australia must enrol in the full-time study option which consists of four subject enrolments. It is estimated that students need to spend approximately 10 hours per week of study per subject, in order to successfully complete it. Students who are in employment are, therefore, advised to undertake their studies part-time, particularly in their first semester. 
(Note: This program does not in itself fulfil the requirements for teaching in the Australian school system as they may require a separate degree in education. It is always necessary to verify employer requirements.) Show less

Duration1 semester (4 months)
Starting semesters
  • May 2022
  • September 2022
  • January 2023
  • May 2023
  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • May 2024
  • September 2024
Program typePostgraduate Certificate
Study areaInternational Relations and Humanities
Program codeHS-23099
CRICOS codeThis program is not available to international students who intend to apply for a student visa.
Credit for prior studyFor more details on applying for credit, please contact the Student Business Centre: [email protected]

View the Graduate Certificate in TESOL(Online) - Program Structure and Sequencing

Students must complete the following two (2) subjects:

Plus two of the following subjects dependent on commencement of the program and subject availability:

Teaching methodology

Bond University’s teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, examinations, projects, presentations, assignments, computer labs and industry projects.

The below fees are based on the total estimated program fee. Fees each semester may vary based on which subjects are selected and the number of subjects enrolled in for each semester.

Total program fee:

  • Students commencing study in 2022: $10,560
  • Students commencing study in 2023: $10,840

When considering the fees associated with your studies, keep in mind that Bond’s accelerated schedule means you can finish your degree sooner and be out in the workforce up to a year earlier than most other universities.

This time saving also represents a substantial reduction in accommodation and living costs, plus a full year of extra earnings.

Find out your financing options and other costs to consider.

Tuition fees are subject to change on an annual basis and will be charged at the appropriate fee for the year of enrolment.

* Note: for students commencing January 2021 the University has held the 2020 tuition fee amount in recognition of the current circumstances, with 2021 fees effective only from the University’s May 2021 semester.

Academic entry requirements

Completion of an Australian Bachelor degree or equivalent at an approved institution. 

Please contact the Office of Future Students for further information.

Future outcomes

Successful completion of the course qualifies you to teach in an Australian ELICOS institute providing you hold a recognised degree or equivalent. You will also be qualified to teach in many other countries. For more details about requirements of teacher qualifications in Australia, visit the National ELT Accreditation Scheme website. visit the National ELT Accreditation Scheme website.

The Bond TESOL Difference

Our TESOL programs offer something different. Hear from our TESOL students, staff and graduates as to what they believe makes our program unique



I am currently completing a Graduate Certificate in TESOL (online). I decided to study at Bond University after I researched a number of different universities, some local but most online for the TESOL course. Initially I was uncertain of how to proceed and who to speak to. Bond University put me in contact with a Manager of Schools and Community (MSC). I spoke to the representative and instantly my application became personal. The MSC lead me throughout the entire process, including applying for financial help and deferring a semester. It was the kind of assistance I needed and really appreciated with full time work and also being a full time mum. The MSC responded to all my emails and calls and never made me feel like I was asking the wrong questions or I was a bother. I kept in contact with the MSC for at least 3 weeks into my course and they were my crutch that I leaned on until I was able to take off on my own.

What I liked about studying at Bond was the support provided by all the staff. I have been in contact with the Student Business Centre, the Librarians and of course the Academics, and everyone goes above and beyond to accommodate my needs. It is a very personal experience. I feel like the entire university is in my corner, backing me and wanting me to succeed. It is a very empowering feeling. As a result, my motivation not only to complete the course but to do well is intense.

I am completing my course online, so my experiences will differ from those who are physically there. And I wouldn’t change a thing. The content within each subject is difficult but achievable. Every week we have videos to watch and activities to complete and the feedback is instant. They are delivered similarly so we know what to expect. Then once a week we have online lectures using Blackboard Collaborate. These lectures are interactive and informative but so much more. The lecturers have managed to connect the class together so that we are not isolated. We have formed a close bond and friendly relationships from all over Australia and the wider world. We are a community of learners that inspire one another and cheer for each other’s successes, all from the comfort of our own homes. At Bond University, it is understood that we are more than just students and we have a life beyond that of the virtual classroom. This is commended and in most lessons, even celebrated. The method in which these lessons are completed and the humour within each lesson makes you keep coming back for more.

I currently work for the Department of Education as a EAL/D Specialist. My responsibilities include teaching students who have come from another country and do not speak English. The Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Online) has provided the background knowledge to completing my job accurately. I am able to reflect on my practices and make necessary changes that will benefit the learners. Bond University has empowered me to become more confident in my position.

The difference between Bond and other universities is that, Bond accepts individual differences and prepares you for the real world that is not independent from everything that is happening in your life. Bond ensures the education of the whole person, not just the student and provides support for success which is not found in any other university.

I would certainly recommend Bond! I am considering completing my Master in TESOL at Bond for all the experiences listed above. I feel Bond have a vested interest in my learning, reflecting the motivations I have in my own success. I would never consider being anywhere else. I highly would recommend studying at Bond for everyone, young or old. This is my university and I feel very passionate about what we are able to achieve together. At Bond it is more than just a degree, it is a way to the future.

I am an Australian living and working in the United States. Bond University’s Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Online) was a perfect learning tool for me to earn the extra credits that l needed to teach ESL at an undergraduate level. As an ESL adjunct faculty member of the Henry Ford College, Michigan, I needed a fast and convenient graduate TESOL program that had flexibility to blend in with my current teaching schedule. The Student Business Centre and Admissions at Bond University was accommodating and welcoming, and so were the Academic staff! They have simply reinvented Blackboard with their user friendly platform that was far more superior than any of the Long Distance Management systems that l had been accustomed to using in the USA.

The creative use of PowerPoint and weekly Quizlets were fun and engaging and they have inspired me to rethink and boost my current pedagogical practices to use more gaming and web based resources in my teaching tool box. The Academics would collaborate with me outside of their Queensland time schedule to make me feel part of the community across the Pacific Ocean. To that end, they have inspired me to develop my own blended ESL classes for my ELL students in the future. Thank you so much for everything, Bond. This would not have been reality without your help.

I chose to study a Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Online) as I wanted to upgrade my qualification, therefore, I researched several education providers before enrolling. I found that Bond University offered units which were of my interest, I also wanted to spend my spare time enjoying my studies.

The best thing about Bond was the ‘human touch’. I was treated as a person and not a number. I was able to speak to different people and have my questions answered in the most professional manner. I found the online experience of the Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Online) amazing! It is very user friendly, everything is very well organised and easy to find. The Academics are an inspiration, they make you feel so welcome and make the collaborative experiences educational and fun!  Their enthusiasm is contagious and I am sure they are the reason why most of us will continue to study at Bond. I would certainly recommend Bond. Even though you are an online student, you will feel you are part of a community of teachers, staff and students who will support you.

* Photo: Isabel receiving the 2016 Australian Training Awards' Excellence in Language and Numeracy Practice. 

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