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Beyond Bond

Introducing Beyond Bond

Beyond Bond is a practical, activity-based, compulsory professional development (CPD) program that extends the duration of all undergraduate degrees. Administered by the Transformation CoLab as a mandatory degree requirement, the program formally recognises the wider engagement and experiences students obtain in addition to their academic studies. The program supports students to prepare for the changing landscape of work by developing broader employability skills actively sought by employers.

With the freedom to design their own Beyond Bond journey, students can choose how they complete the program, putting emphasis on areas that most closely align with their career and professional objectives and interests. Example activities students can choose to engage in include continued involvement in current activities (ie: team sport), engaging in new experiences on campus, (ie: student associations) or, engaging in further professional growth and development through activities such as internships and relevant work experience.

The details

Beyond Bond approved activities are broken into four categories. Students are required to choose elective activities from a minimum of two categories to accrue a minimum of 100 Beyond Bond points throughout their degree.

Note: It is a requirement that students complete and accrue points for Beyond Bond related activities each semester (until 100 Beyond Bond points have been acquired).

For a full list of available activities please review the Beyond Bond Activity Framework available within your Beyond Bond subject on iLearn.

As part of all undergraduate degrees, students must undertake Bond’s three University core subjects:

Beyond Bond guest teaches in the three core subjects. These classes incorporate career development and career management activities, ensuring that Bond graduates have a clear understanding of themselves, the world of work and a detailed strategy to achieve their career ideas/goals. Activities completed within and after class are eligible for up to 30 Beyond Bond points.

Each faculty provides unique opportunities that are recognised by Beyond Bond. This includes Beyond Bond approved subjects, industry related experiences and additional activities offered through each faculty.

For Faculty specific information on how students might choose to complete Beyond Bond please see the Beyond Bond Team.

It is a requirement of some activities that students complete a written reflection to explore the value of the chosen experience and how it has enhanced specific employability skills. Details of these submissions and resources on applying reflective practice are available in the Beyond Bond Subject within iLearn.

The Beyond Bond Framework has been selected for its ability to develop and enhance key employability skills identified as being essential to bridging the gap between university and the workplace. When completing Beyond Bond activities, students are encouraged to consider how these skills have been developed and their relevance as they prepare to transition from education into employment.

Beyond Bond acknowledges that students commence undergraduate studies at different levels of career readiness and therefore recognises professional life before Bond through an RPL process. Whether a school leaver or returning to study for a career change, Beyond Bond can be tailored to suit each students’ requirements and skill level.

Students may be eligible for RPL if they:

  • have a minimum of THREE years (full time equivalent) industry or community experience prior to commencing at Bond; and/or
  • have a post-secondary qualification (minimum diploma level) or trade qualification achieved prior to commencement at Bond.  

Note: Diplomas or Associate Degrees from Bond are NOT eligible. All qualifications must have been completed within 10 years of commencement date at Bond.

15-60 points may be awarded based on previous experience (industry or community), prior post-secondary qualifications and relevance to the chosen degree of study.  

For full details and eligibility requirements for RPL in Beyond Bond, please refer to the RPL Submission Form available within your Beyond Bond subject on iLearn.