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Bond University embeds a philosophy of gender equality and is committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive work and study environment. For students, this includes a learning environment that is safe and supportive and that understands individuality and diversity, and provides a safe and respectful community for every student.

Bond University is committed to fully actualising the skills and capabilities of all members of its workforce to benefit from the talent of all. We support employment equity through our policies, practices, and inclusive culture. We embrace the importance of work – life balance and the significance of family and community to the staff and students at Bond University.

The Gender Equality Strategy provides a framework to assist the University to develop and implement effective strategies around workplace culture, leadership, and employment practices to improve gender equality. Our priority areas of focus include:

  • Reinforcing an organisational culture and a working environment that is inclusive and equitable, where all staff are supported to reach their full potential.
  • Achieving equal opportunity for women in leadership and management roles through appropriate interventions.
  • Addressing gender pay equality gaps where they exist; and
  • Building a flexible workplace which enables staff to balance work and life responsibilities.
  • Managing gender balance in outcomes of academic promotion

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