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Transformational Research: from idea to impact

In this session, Faculty of Society and Design (FSD) and Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine (HSM) showcased translational research undertaken in the faculties and throughout the University through the following four presentations from across a range of disciplines describing the impact research has outside of the academy and the challenges and rewards of striving impact:

  1. “Real-time monitoring of early-age compressive strength of concrete using an IoT-enabled monitoring system” presented by Associate Professor Dane Miller (FSD) and Dr. Nima Talebian (FSD)

  2. “Athlete Activists, Sports Diplomats and Human Rights: Action versus Agency” presented by Associate Professor Stuart Murray (FSD)

  3. “Home alone – using LiDAR technology to improve home safety in older people, Presented by Professor Susan Brandis (HSM), Judith George (Master of Occupational Therapy Student, HSM), PhD Candidate Sally Fields (HSM), Marco Leung (Master of Occupational Therapy Alumni, HSM), Dr. Rosemarie Rusch (FSD), Dr. Johari Hussein Nassor Amar (FSD), Associate Professor Lynne Armitage (FSD) and Zicheng Zhu (PhD Student, FSD)

  4. “Food for Mood: Nourishing Your Way to a Brighter Mind”, presented by Dr. Megan Lee (FSD)

    Transformational Research: from idea to impact

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