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At the airport

Clearing customs

Australian Customs and Border Protection officers will check you and your luggage when you arrive to make sure you are not carrying any firearms, weapons and/or illegal drugs.

The penalties for drug offences in Australia are severe and may result in a jail term.

Visit the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services website for more information including items you will need to declare to officials when arriving in Australia.


Australia has strict quarantine laws.

Australia is an island continent so bringing certain items into the country could have a devastating effect on our native wildlife, plants and agriculture. These items include:

  • Food
  • Plant cuttings
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Wood products
  • Plant or animal materials including meat and poultry products

You must declare all quarantine items you are carrying on your Incoming Passenger Card (IPC) when you arrive in Australia. The IPC is a legal document so you will be breaking the law if you don't declare your items correctly.

Before you can exit the Customs and Quarantine area, your luggage will be screened by trained officers, detector dogs and/or X-ray machines.

Visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website for more information including Arriving in Australia.

Please phone the Department of Agriculture on +61 2 6272 3933 (outside Australia) or 1800 020 504 (free call within Australia) if you have further questions.