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Why I travelled from Canada to study the Doctor of Physiotherapy at Bond

Written by Doctor of Physiotherapy student Simon Murphy.

Stepping onto a flight destined to travel 9,972 miles – or 16,048 kilometres – from my hometown in Canada and taking the massive leap to move to Australia was quite an experience. But, once I sat in my first class, I knew that the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at Bond was right for me. As I write this blog post, I’m approaching my final weeks as a physiotherapy student, which is exciting and scary at the same time.

One question I’m regularly asked by friends, family and local Aussies is, “why did you decide to travel across the world for university?” Here are five things that drove my choice to move to Australia, study at Bond and pursue the Doctor of Physiotherapy.

1. Emphasis on clinical placements

Bond’s Physiotherapy program takes pride in giving its students the opportunity to complete about 1,400 clinical hours at hospitals and private practices across Queensland. Along with some classmates, I was lucky enough to be placed in Cairns in tropical north Queensland. During the week in Cairns, you’d find us treating patients under the supervision of clinical educators, and on the weekends, we’d chase waterfalls and explore the beautiful locations nearby. 

I also gained hands-on experience at various hospitals and private practices on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and in Sydney. Regardless of where I was placed, Bond always helped facilitate valuable professional experiences and chances to apply my in-class learning to real-life scenarios.

Chasing waterfalls in Cairns

2. Supportive, knowledgeable staff

Bond’s passionate teaching staff are supportive and accommodating, and prioritise helping students reach their full potential. The Doctor of Physiotherapy program is staffed with outstanding professionals who have experience in a range of clinical areas, such as paediatrics and tactical operations, to name just a few. Staff members have a wealth of knowledge and experience working in hospitals and private practice settings, so as a student, you can be sure that the teacher standing in front of your class is the right person to help guide your career.

3. The Doctor of Physiotherapy’s structure

Bond has an engaging and interactive classroom experience. Throughout the Doctor of Physiotherapy program, you’ll get involved with problem-based learning (PBLs) in small groups, using real-life scenarios to explore different physiotherapy topics and interest areas.

You’ll have access to clinical simulations, presentations from external speakers and the opportunity to practice assessment and treatment techniques on your classmates, all facilitated by the program’s incredible staff. Plus, the Doctor of Physiotherapy allows you to conduct research in different clinical areas with the support of someone experienced in that field to guide you through the process.

4. Bond’s beautiful campus

Bond University’s campus features teaching, studying and learning spaces, but there are also lots of spots to relax. The Physiotherapy program is predominantly taught in the Bond Institute of Health and Sport (BIHS), a quick bus ride from the main campus. It’s got an entire floor dedicated to physiotherapy teaching and gives students easy access to staff members. There is also space for relaxing, catching up with friends and soaking up the views of the Gold Coast in the distance.

Physiotherapy students can also use the beautiful main Bond University campus, so it’s easy to get in some study time at the multipurpose library or crush a workout at the Sports Centre.

This is the main campus. Yes, seriously

5. The opportunity to step out of my comfort zone

Bond’s Physiotherapy program has allowed me to meet people from all around the world, network with professionals in my field and experience Australia’s welcoming culture. The program also challenged my thinking, developed my reasoning skills and moulded me into a job-ready professional.

If everything is feeling up in the air and you’re having difficulty deciding if Bond is the place to kickstart your physiotherapy career, I want to assure you that the staff, classes and campus are top-notch and, in my opinion, world-class.  

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