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What's it like to study psychological science at Bond?

Who better to ask about student life at Bond, than a student? Rhianna Lovegrove writes about her experience studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science. 

I studied at Bachelor of Psychological Science at Bond. I decided to study psychology because after being diagnosed with a medical condition, my goal of becoming an elite athlete was unobtainable. After years of researching and exploring my condition, I decided to alter my trajectory towards academia and community engagement. Through this process, I developed a personal attachment to the way the body functions, and became fascinated with the progression of the research enterprise.

I had some aspirations to study Medicine, but at the end of year 12, I found myself engrossed in the study of human behaviour. I considered how I could utilise my experience; prevailing through mentally challenging times, and my love for biological science - in order to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Thus, It seemed that Psychology was the choice for me.

I chose to study at Bond, first and foremost, because of the location as the university is private yet also very close to many Gold Coast attractions. Whether it be a trip to the Miami Marketta, or a beach day at Burleigh, Bond students are so close to many of the exciting leisure activities that the Gold Coast has to offer. In addition, the atmosphere at Bond Uni combines enjoyment, focus and community into one heightened experience.

Bond Uni provides students with a practical knowledge, and equips students to embark on a journey of personal growth, rather than simply engaging in rote learning and exam study. Perhaps it is the small community of caring and driven people that ensures that Bond feels like home, or perhaps it is the first-class facilities available to us, or maybe it is the level of professionalism that staff bring to the classroom. From my perspective, however, what makes Bond University stand out as the sole contender is all of these things, and more. With such an array of opportunities across various Universities Australia wide, and Globally, choosing a University that I believed would deliver the best course was extremely challenging. However, the psychological science course that Bond University offered me ensured my dilemma was resolved immediately. In a world that is changing so rapidly, it is essential to get ahead and challenge yourself to work with innovation, strategy and continuity.

Rhianna Lovegrove

Bond University’s Psychological Science degree is fast tracked, ensuring after only two years you have finished your undergraduate degree. In the long term, Bond Universities courses allow all students to move into the workforce sooner, thus, aligning with the rapid nature of societal change. This, combined with the engaging content, the opportunity to participate in real research and the quality of lecturers and tutors at Bond University, I felt as though there was no other option. For eleven years Bond University has been awarded more 5-star ratings in the student experience category than any other university in Australia. I understand that many would question why this is so. It is simple really, you only have to step onto the Bond University campus on a day to day basis to recognise the incredible opportunities available for students here at Bond. In my opinion, the atmosphere at Bond University ensures it is more than just a place to study.

Bond university has various hardworking student associations that constantly ensure that all students at Bond have the opportunity to socialise and meet new people. With weekly themed functions and events such as dinners, movie nights, and other games and activities, there is never a possibility that you will be bored. In saying this, however, the students at Bond University also have an academic drive to succeed. With everyone working at a fast pace, studying has become a lot more interactive and enjoyable. Revision seminars, group study classes and 24/7 library study facilities have allowed me to prosper as an academic within the University.

Bond also places a large focus on connecting students with professionals in industry. As part of my scholarship, I have had the opportunity to gain insights from a CEO of a HR company and a life coach. From my mentor, I have learnt about how I can position myself to increase my employability, but I have also been exposed to the importance of exploration, leisure and work life balance. Above all else, my mentor has provided me with valuable insights into how to prosper, continually learn and grow as a person.

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