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Students take big steps to save lives

Written by Jessica Borten, Bachelor of Journalism student.

It’s not too late to help the Bond University Community Outreach Group (BUCOG) raise funds for Camp Quality through their Big Walk for Little Kids campaign.

The annual fundraiser involves participants walking 25km, 50km or 100km throughout October, with friends and families donating to support walkers.

BUCOG President Grace Pucci said they were encouraging Bond students, staff, and their friends and families to get involved.

“So far, as of the 13th of October, we have already raised over $3000 which is incredible,” Ms Pucci said.

“We really want everyone to spread the word and encourage others to either sign up or, more importantly, donate to raise money and support this wonderful cause.

“We are also excited to announce prizes for the walkers who raise the most money as well as reward those who have donated the most money to support our walkers.

“I am incredibly proud of the BUCOG community team for all their efforts and cannot wait to see how much we raise collectively by the end of October.”

This year Camp Quality hope to raise $850,000.

BUCOG Vice President Joshua Waite said this money would provide sick kids and their families with digital play dates, family fun days and family camps.

“These social opportunities provide children and family members with a much-needed break from cancer,” Mr Waite said.

“It has been incredibly rewarding to walk together, knowing that each step makes a positive difference in the lives of others.”

BUCOG Content Creator Josiah Neal said the Big Walk for Little Kids campaign was a fantastic initiative because it benefits both the fundraiser and the recipient.

“As someone who has seen cancer rock family and close friends a few times, I understand the anxiety, the pain, and the stress that both cancer patients and their loved ones have to endure,” Mr Neal said.

“I also know, however, that it can provide an opportunity for families to reaffirm their love for each other and provide mutual support.

“I hope the funds we raise will help alleviate some of the material, medical or financial issues faced by children with cancer and their families so they can focus on being there for each other in such a trying time in their lives.”

BUCOG Liaison Officer Katie Fleming, Treasurer Simran Sidhu, and Volunteer Coordinator Rimaz Toto, all agree that participating in the Big Walk for Little Kids campaign is an easy way to combine everyday life with charity.

“It’s so rewarding knowing your morning walk is not about getting a coffee but is helping support kids battling cancer,” Ms Fleming said.

“Walking my dog or going to check the mail is not just a task anymore, it is now a way for me to accomplish my daily goals,” Ms Sidhu said.

“It has allowed me to combine my love for exercise and charity. Also, the thought of knowing that I am actively participating in improving the quality of life for many kids with cancer, makes it all the more worthwhile,” Ms Toto said.

BUCOG is encouraging participants to donate to the cause and share their journey on social media @bonduni.bucog via #BUCOG.


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