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Meet your Open Day Live hosts

Behind every good live broadcast is four incredible hosts, or so the saying goes… so, it’s time for you to meet them! Meet the people – and standout Bondies – who are in front of the camera, guiding you through Open Day Live, your virtual tour of Bond. From campus life to study, programs and social activities, they know Bond University inside and out.  

Lara is a journalist, reporter, content specialist and MC. Since completing her Bachelor of Communication at Bond in 2013, she has gone on to work in a number of communication and marketing roles, including working as a reporter for a major news network. 

Tell us something unexpected about yourself. 

I’m an opera singer – but only in my bathroom. Haha! I do love to sing though and play the saxophone. I studied music before Journalism and Communications, and before that I studied Health Sciences. It may have taken me a while to find my current chosen field, but I love the variety of knowledge I have gained and believe it makes me a better journo. In a world where multi-skilling is expected and microcredentials are now an option, careers these days can be as varied as you like!

Where's your go-to spot on campus? 

Other than Don’s Tavern?! Definitely a spot on the sun-drenched steps beside the lake. Soaking up the sunshine there was so rejuvenating between classes and truly is a beautiful sight.

As a Bondy, what's your favourite thing about Bond? 

When I was setting career goals while studying here, my professors and tutors would see those goals, then raise the bar. Suggesting new heights I had yet to imagine possible. I love that this place can really open your eyes to new, exciting possibilities - and that they follow up! Even if you left ages ago, you still feel their encouragement to succeed. Staff and students here are genuinely invested. It gives you the confidence to work harder and see yourself living out those once seemingly far-fetched goals.

Pizza or pasta? 

Pasta! I mean, pizza! I mean, can we have both?!

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To get you feeling energised and inspired to learn more about Bond from Candice, Nic, Sean and Lara, we asked them a few questions about life and their connection to Bond University. Here's a little more about each of our wonderful Open Day Live hosts... 

Candice is an Australian television host, journalist and actor. During her travels, Candice has interviewed the likes of Hugh Jackman, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Rebel Wilson, Ricky Gervais and Margot Robbie. She completed a Bachelor of Communication at Bond where she majored in journalism.  

As a Bondy, what's your favourite thing about Bond? 

The global feel of Bond! I was inspired to travel the world after meeting people from all over the globe. I had so many friends from America at Bond that I eventually decided to work over there. The social life was also so much sweeter given many students were new to Australia and their enthusiasm was contagious! 

What's an on-screen moment you'll never forget? 

I’ll never forget giving Hugh Jackman a carrot as part of an Easter-themed interview. He ate it on screen and then I embarrassingly kept the rest of the carrot as a souvenir. 

It started as a joke to keep it in my freezer but then I couldn’t come to terms with throwing it out, so it stayed there for a couple of years. 

Where's your go-to spot on campus? 

I’m obsessed with the lake and absolutely love sitting on the green grass in the sunshine. It’s by far the most beautiful campus I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world! 

Lakeside, Pulse or Papyrus cafe? 

Lakeside for life! After my exams, I’d always order hot chips as a treat. I couldn’t think of a better location next to the lake!

Nic is a Gold Coast-based screenwriter who has worked on feature films for independent producers and production companies around the globe. He also works as an MC and presenter, as well as a radio announcer. He studied a Bachelor of Film and Television and Juris Doctor at Bond.  

What are you most looking forward to about Open Day Live? 

Getting to explore the faculties you know very little about, and learning what new and impressive things have been happening within them.

What's something everyone should know about living on the Gold Coast? 

It’s the perfect blend of surf, rainforest and city. And don’t miss the sunset. with a cold beverage in hand, from Burleigh Pavilion!

Tell us something unexpected about yourself. 

I once tried to make it as a rapper and spent three months in the studio only to go on and sell 16 copies of the record. Mum bought three of them.

Sean has worked with Bond for more than eight years. In his current role as a Domestic Regional Manager, he has guided hundreds of students through their journeys to studying at Bond and beyond. Sean is originally from the United States, has a degree in exercise and sports science, and is an accomplished collegiate athlete.  

As a Bondy, what's your favourite thing about Bond? 

The supportive community and environment that Bond provides. This allows you to really connect with your university and feel as if you're a part of something bigger, something greater, than yourself. 

Where's your go-to spot on campus? 

The Bond Sports Centre – it's my favourite place to be if I am not working or studying. I love the fitness facilities our students have access to, as well as the myriad opportunities Bondies have to get involved with sport at a club or elite level. 

What's something everyone should know about living on the Gold Coast? 

This is paradise! Honestly, you have sun 95% of the time, the most beautiful beaches a person could ask for, wonderful people... you will love everything about your life living on the Gold Coast.

Now, seriously... cats or dogs? 

100% Cat Guy and proud of it! My cat is named Fitzgerald, named after Larry Fitzgerald from the American football team, the Arizona Cardinals. We call him Fitz, unless he's off to the cat doctor, then he gets his full name. 

Tune into Open Day Live!

The live broadcast may be over, but there's still so much to explore. Watch the livestream back and access all of our on demand content to get a picture of life and study at Bond.

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