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How to speak Bondy

Bond isn’t like other universities.

We’re smaller. We come from more than 80 countries around the world. As a close-knit community, we're a little like a quirky family at times.

One of the surprising side effects of studying at Bond is that you’ll effortlessly adopt a new language. It's a dialect that will stay with you long after you graduate.

To speed up the settling in process, we’ve put together a handy guide to speaking the language of Bond.


When you meet a fellow Bondy, they’ll probably introduce themselves along with their starting semester. The lingo is easy to learn – 193, for example, is the third semester of 2019. 171 is pretty much ancient in the world of accelerated degrees. 

Use it: At Bond and beyond, at alumni events around the world. “I started in 162.”

Bond bubble

With less than 5,000 students, Bondies really are part of a community. And with so much to do in and out of the classroom, you can find yourself within a little bubble of Bond with your friends, study spots, social life, and even accommodation. Not that that’s a bad thing!

Use it: When your friends outside of Bond are asking you where you’ve been. “Sorry, I’ve been in the Bond bubble.”

Not a bad looking bubble to be in


Short for Don’s Tavern. Don’s is the on-campus watering hole and is a popular spot for over 18s on Thursday nights. It hosts a number of student-led social events throughout the semester, as well as screening sporting events like State of Origin and the Super Bowl.

Use it: On a Thursday evening. “What time are you heading to Don’s?”


The Bond University Student Association, affectionately known as BUSA, are a group of students elected to make your time at Bond as awesome as possible. They run student events, look after the clubs and societies and can help with any questions or issues you may have.

Use it: If you have a question about student activities and life at Bond. “I’m going to ask BUSA about the clubs I can join.”


Also known as Wednesday By The Water. Held every Wednesday at 12pm, WBTW is a free sausage sizzle for students brought to you by BUSA.

Use it: When you’re in the mood for a free feed. “I’ll meet you at Wednesday By The Water after class.”

Nothing's better than a BBQ cooked by BUSA


Bondy speak for “the computer labs in Building 1b.” This section of the university is literally under the Arch building and doesn’t have many windows - hence the name.

Use it: When you need to do some serious studying. “Looks like it’ll be in the Batlabs tonight.”

Bondy tip: The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre (MLC) is also open 24 hours per day, and the lighting has been specially designed to stimulate your peripheral vision so that you can study longer without getting tired.

Under the Arch

The universal meeting point for all Bondies under the largest free-standing arch in the Southern Hemisphere (not that we’re bragging or anything).

Use it: When you’re meeting a friend for a study session. “See you under the Arch at 12pm.”

Bondy tip: Prepare for the wind tunnel when you’re passing under the Arch.

She's a beauty


Literally lakeside. As in, by the lake. Just kidding – Lakeside is the restaurant and bar under Building 6.

With a rotating menu to keep things interesting and meals to suit a range of dietary requirements and tastes, Lakeside is the place to grab a quick bite, a hearty meal, and even grab a cocktail after a week of classes.  

Use it: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and anywhere in between. “I’m starving – let’s grab lunch at Lakeside.”

Bondy tip: You can nominate and vote for your favourite meals to appear on the 'My Menu' offering at Lakeside. Follow Food at Bond on Facebook to vote.


No, not the robot-machine. Bond’s Transformer is an entrepreneurship program available to students across all faculties and degrees. It’s also a co-working space located in the Bond Business School.

Use it: If you’ve got a big idea. “I think it’s time to take my side hustle to the Transformer.”

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Congratulations on completing How to Speak Bondy. We're looking forward to seeing you on campus! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to practise your lingo.

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