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Five words that summarise the Bond experience

Written by Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Laws (CRICOS 093916G) student Ma-Janneh Miller

On the weekend, I was asked to describe Bond using just one word, but to be completely honest, I struggled to find one that encapsulated the spirit of the University in its entirety. ‘Fantastic’ didn’t seem to cut it, ‘fun’ was an understatement, and ‘amazing’ was an insult to my vocabulary as a law student (kidding!). Finally, I settled on the word ‘riveting’, which describes something that is incredibly compelling.  

Studying at Bond is an extremely immersive experience. From the people you meet, to the beautiful campus architecture and engaging classes, there’s always something to enjoy at Bond. From the moment you step onto campus, there’s a different beat in your step, and no matter where you cast your gaze, you’ll always see people trying to be the best version of themselves.

While I do love the word ‘riveting’ as a descriptor for the Bond experience, I feel like one word just isn’t enough. So, here are four more words I would use to describe Bond.


Bond isn’t afraid to do things differently, and it’s easy to be inspired by this outlook on life. I’m still a first-year Bondy, but within the year that I’ve been a student, I’ve pushed myself beyond my comfort zone to partake in activities I mightn’t have previously. Whether it’s volunteering to lead a class presentation, public speaking under the Arch wearing a toga for a toga public speaking class (in front of a huge audience!), or even participating in a Model United Nations conference, none of these things would’ve been possible without Bond.  

Bond inspires confidence in its students, and while everyone’s journey both during and after university will look a little different, the important thing is that every single Bondy gets to share in countless opportunities provided to students to be bold and stand out. 

Ma Janneh Miller standing at the bottom of the Thinking Steps.


Bondies are an extremely happy bunch of people; you can always expect a friendly hello and a chat when you bump into another student around campus. When I first started studying at Bond, I was worried that I wouldn’t make any friends, but looking back now, I realise I had nothing to fear. Bond’s community has been so welcoming, which is something that is truly ingrained in Bond’s campus culture and student experience. This optimistic outlook allows Bondies to look towards the future with excitement, supported and inspired by their peers and academics.  


Bond is the perfect environment for you to nurture your wildest dreams. By attending Bond, I’ve been blessed with so many unique opportunities that have helped me further my professional and personal development. As an international relations and law student, there’s so much you can do! You can choose to attend a mooting competition overseas, visit the United Nations headquarters in New York, or study abroad in the country of your choice – just to name a few possibilities.  

Bond’s student support services, like the Career Development Centre (CDC), are amazing resources to prepare students for the future. When I visited the CDC, I worked with a career specialist to determine my passions and career ambitions, and outline the appropriate steps I needed to take to achieve those goals. Bond encourages its students to gain as much industry experience as possible, and this is something I’ve been lucky enough to have already done. Undertaking an industry placement has allowed me to deepen my understanding of my chosen field, and better understand where I should focus my attention as I prepare for my future career.  

Ma-Janneh Miller standing at the bottom of the Thinking Steps.


Ultimately, Bond is dedicated to its students, and exists to bring out the best in all of us. Whether it’s through the award-winning student experience, or the small class sizes that allow for valuable collaboration and participation, Bond puts us, the students, first.

I’ve loved every second of my time at Bond, and can assure you that you will too. Want to know more about studying at Bond? Connect with me and I’ll be able to answer all of your questions, big or small.  

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