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Five of the best places to study on the Bond University campus

University students tend to go through phases when it comes their study style. While some Bondies prefer the buzz of chatter and a lively atmosphere, others work best in complete silence with minimal distractions.

If you’re new to Bond and wondering which study space might best suit your study style, or simply where the best spots are to hit the books, here’s a quick breakdown of each of our main study locations at Bond.

1. The John & Alison Kearney Library

The John & Alison Kearney Library, often just referred to as the Main Library, is the central study spot on campus. Boasting the Papyrus Café for all your study snacking needs, as well as lots of computers to work on, and hard copies of textbooks and resources, it’s no secret why the Main Library is one of the most popular study spots among Bondies.

If you enjoy chatting with friends while studying, then level 2 of the Main Library is probably for you. If you work better in silence, then you might like to check out the silent sections of the Main Library on levels 3 and 4. These silent areas offer seated and standing desks with views of Bond’s beautiful lake and the amphitheatre.

2. The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre

The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre (MLC) is a modern study area that runs parallel to the Main Library. It provides all students at Bond with access to collaboration-friendly study spaces and the latest audio visual and computer technology in a spectacular location. The MLC is open 24/7, so if you prefer studying late at night or early in the morning in a quiet atmosphere, then the MLC will be your go-to spot!

3. The John & Alison Kearney Law Library

The John & Alison Kearney Law Library, often just referred to as the Law Library, supports the learning, teaching and research of the Faculty of Law. One of the biggest assets of the Law Library is the extensive hard-copy resources available, with textbooks and legal precedent to flip through if you’re not into digital files. If you prefer silent study with a range of legal resources at your fingertips, then the Law Library is perfect for you.

4. The Business Commons

The Business Commons is a study space located within the Bond Business School, but is open to students of all disciplines. Inside the Business Commons, you’ll find a range of booths, couches and desks for students to study at. You’ll sometimes hear a buzz of chatter in the Business Commons, but this is normally kept to a minimum. Hence, if you study best independently with an occasional chat with a friend, then the Business Commons might be where you’d like to spend your time. 

5. The Health Sciences and Medicine Atrium

If you enjoy studying in open spaces with fresh air and plenty of natural light, then the Atrium in the Health Sciences and Medicine Building could be your on-campus study space of choice. It offers desks and couches for students of all faculties to study at, with an industrial design and ample greenery. Be warned – this area can get pretty loud at times, with many Bond staff and students making use of the space for group meetings and lunch. If noise doesn’t bother you and you’re looking for a social atmosphere to grind out some study, then head on over to the Atrium for a productive study session!

Interested in exploring Bond’s study spaces further?

Get to know our libraries and the extensive resources available to support the study success of all Bondies.

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