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Finding mindful moments

Do you ever feel like you have so many thoughts going through your head that you can’t focus on any of them?

You’re not alone. In our ultra-connected, super-fast world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by life’s stressors and distractions - especially in these challenging times. To help make every day a little easier, one in six adults practice meditation and some schools are incorporating mindfulness techniques into the curriculum.   

Through practising mindfulness, you can switch off from all the noise and take a moment to breathe and reconnect with your own emotions and thoughts.   

What is mindfulness?

Put simply, mindfulness is about observing what’s happening around you, but not reacting Through practising mindfulness, you’re training the mind to better understand what you’re thinking and feeling, without being ruled by it.  

Mindfulness and meditation has been proven to reduce stress levels, help with sleep and improve focus and productivity.  

How to practise mindfulness

The beauty of mindfulness is it can be practised in so many ways. There’s no wrong or right way to be mindful.  

There are many free apps, like Smiling Mind, Calm or Headspace, which offer guided meditations ranging from two minutes to twenty minutes. Simply plug in your headphones, find a quiet space and be guided by the instructor.  

Another way to practise mindfulness is incorporate it into your daily routine. Taking a few moments to slow down and take deep breaths can make a big difference.  

For example, you could incorporate mindfulness into your study routine, every time you go to fill up your water bottle or get a drink of water. While you’re taking a quick break from study, take the time to focus on your breath and check in what’s going on around you. Is it hot or cold? What sounds can you hear? Check in with how you’re feeling, without reacting to it.   

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