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Dr Umair Ghori joins The Conversation with a warning "Hey minister leave that gas trigger alone!"

Gas stove top

What happens if the Australian government pulls its so-called “gas trigger” (officially the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism)? As Bond University’s Dr Umair Ghori warns in his latest article, it could be a BIG mistake! Check it out in The Conversation.

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Safe harbour – A shelter from the storm

What are the consequences for directors as regards a company that has become insolvent or is about to become insolvent in the not too distant future ?

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Belonging in the law classroom: rising to the challenge of creating a place where every new law student belongs

The Belonging in the Law Classroom Project aims to improve the experience and retention of first-year Law students.

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Superannuation funds seeking to appoint nominee directors (part two)

This article considers the position of nominee directors and in particular their commitment to act in the best interests of the company whose board they sit on.

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Superannuation funds seeking to appoint nominee directors (part one)

Today, the rate of superannuation contributions by Australian employers is 11 percent of wages, increasing to 11.5 percent on 1 July 2024 and potentially to 12 percent in 2025.

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