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Do you have what it takes to be a Transformer scholar?

Are you a big thinker? A game changer? A creative mind? Then do we have the perfect challenge for you.

The Transformer Scholarship at Bond seeks to find motivated, self-directed individuals who want to work in collaborative teams that find solutions to challenging problems. If that sounds scary, don't worry - you definitely don’t need to have the solution to world hunger in order to thrive in the Transformer Program.

Let’s see what the Transformer scholarship assessors had to say about the application process.

What even is the Transformer Program?

The Transformer is a co-curricular program at Bond that offers students the opportunity to tackle real world problems that matter to them through innovation and creativity. From social change initiatives to a new era of fashion, students are really only bound by their own imagination. The program is what you make of it. So think: how far can you let your imagination wander? How big will your ideas be? Once you have worked out that there are no limits to this program, you are ready to tackle the challenge head on.

Do I have to be an entrepreneur to apply?

According to the Transformer program, there really is no one set definition of an entrepreneur. You don’t need to have a multimillion dollar business plan in action to apply for this program or to make a great entrepreneur. Much like the Transformer itself, the word is what you make of it. But there is one thing that all entrepreneurs have in common, and that is that they are willing to take risks. So don’t be scared by the word entrepreneur, if you have an idea that you think could make the world a better place or that would improve someone’s life then why not dive in head first?

What about the real world?

It is all well and good to read about the Transformer from the comfort of you computer, but the real excitement comes from hearing about and experiencing some real life impact of the program. Bondies in the Transformer are kicking goals when it comes to sparking change and here are just a few of the awesome business that were born in the Transformer:

I can save the reef

This program has social change written all over it. The team have based their project off five key changes every person can make that will help save the Great Barrier Reef. The group of three recently returned from Canada where they pitched their idea to an international audience at World’s Challenge Challenge, gaining exposure for their Transformer project. The team even managed to connect with other university students across the globe and came home with new ideas and relationships to expand their project.

Folk Tribe Clothing 

This fashion brand is going the extra mile by manufacturing fashionable clothes that are also good for the environment! Folktribe is strictly plastic free and encourage the same from their suppliers. Their t-shirts are even compostable! Once they have worn out it’s as easy as chopping it up and chucking it in the compost before it breaks down. Folktribe was one of the national finalists at the Duke of York's [email protected] competition in 2018. 

Ideal Breakfast Shake 

This one is for all those health fanatics out there. Ever wondered why there wasn’t one easy blend of protein and superfoods to get you feeling your best? Well now there is, the Ideal Breakfast Shake combines quality protein powder with some of the most potent super foods to get you jumping out of bed each morning.

So now what?

We're now up to the application process. The Transformer Scholarship application is slightly different to any other scholarship application you might have seen.

The first step is a video submission outlining your problem and your proposed solution. Don’t worry if you haven’t actually created or implemented the solution just yet – that’s where the program can help! Let the assessors know why you have chosen the problem and what you can bring to the team. How will the Transformer program help? What team will you set up around you? These are all questions you should consider in your video application.

If you’re fortunate enough to make it past the video submission you will then be invited to partake in an interview process. But what is the biggest mistake when applying? Well, according to the assessors that is easy! Not giving it a go is the biggest mistake you could make. Just like an entrepreneur it is time to take that leap of faith and give it a go, what do you have to lose?

Bond University Transformer Scholarship applications are now open. Applications close on 6 September. Apply now. 

Written by Sarah White, Bachelor of Communication (Business) student. 

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