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Brush up on your academic skills at the Academic Skills Centre

If you need a hand with organising your assignment, could use some tips for time management, need a refresher on your Maths skills or want to strengthen your study strategies, the Academic Skills Centre is the place to go.

As a Bondy, you have access to a wide range of support services. The Academic Skills Centre, formerly known as Student Learning Support, features a team of experts ready to provide support, advice and a helping hand with your study.

The Academic Skills Centre sees students across approximately 2.000 appointments each semester. Students can book one personal consultation per week for both Academic and Maths help and bookings can be made online.

Here are a few ways the Academic Skills Centre can help you make this semester your best yet.

Study skills and strategies

If you’re looking to improve your study style or want to get the most out of your study hours, the team can share an array of strategies and handy tips to ensure you are studying to your best potential.

Time management

With distractions at our fingertips – literally – time management can be one of the biggest challenges for university students. At the Academic Skills Centre, Advisors can help you become the most organised, productive version of yourself through helping you improve your time management.

Academic writing & assignments

Academic writing is different to the type of writing you may have done previously, so if you’re worried about your academic style or having difficulty deciding how to fit your ideas together in your assignment, the Academic Skills Centre provide workshops and one-on-one appointments to ensure you’re putting your best work forward. Just having a second pair of eyes over your assignment can make all the difference to those grades!


If the word ‘referencing’ makes you shudder, you aren’t alone. But referencing doesn’t have to be tedious or overwhelming with the help of an expert.

Grammar and vocabulary

Do you need to tune up your grammar and vocabulary? Contact the Academic Skills Centre to polish up your skills.


Whatever level, or branch of Mathematics you require assistance with, help is available.  This can be basic Algebra, a Calculus review, working through a Statistics research assignment, or programming in Excel, to name a few. Book an appointment with the Maths Advisor to tune up your maths skills.

So what are you waiting for? Book in for an appointment at ASC before things start getting too busy and get yourself on right the track to success from the start.

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