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Are you sick of the same-old, same-old? Are you ready for a change? A totally new direction? A career that will really rock your world?

You want something creative … but practical. Theoretical … but hands-on. One where you get to oversee every part of the process rather than handing it over to someone else.

Something that actually makes a difference in people’s lives and a positive impact on the planet?

We’ve got seven great reasons why architecture might just be the dream job for you:

You'll make a lasting impression

The Great Pyramid of Giza. The Acropolis. The Empire State Building. The Sydney Opera House.

There is no other craft or career where something that you’ve dreamed up out of nothing, planned on paper and overseen in construction could still exist hundreds or even thousands of years later.

You put the spaces in our lives...and the life in our spaces

By creating the landscape of our cities, towns and suburbs, architects build the frameworks of our lives.

The rooms, connections and functionality of the homes, offices and buildings they design dictate how we move and work within that space. It impacts on who we meet at work, how many people we live with in our house, who we live next door to, who we connect with.

Because you want to be the change

It is architects that will enable society to make real progress towards sustainable living. Through clever design and new systems, they will work out how best to integrate alternative energy, energy efficiency, recycling, waste reduction, water management and more into our homes and workplaces.

Once you know the rules, you get to break 'em

Architects are rewarded for thinking outside the box, challenging the rules, doing things differently.

The aim of the game is to let the imagination run free – push the boundaries to create structures and shapes that no-one has ever seen before.

Because you like solving problems

Architectural design is the ultimate Rubik’s Cube.

You start with a wishlist of what the client wants their home, office or building to be and your task is to create spaces and systems that allow them to achieve their goals. The final challenge is to lock all those individual solutions together as a harmonious, workable whole.

Architects bring dreams to life

Architecture is not just about dreaming dreams and drawing drawings. You get to oversee the whole process of seeing your work being brought to life, literally from the ground up.

Architecture is not just for architects

While architectural qualifications will open the door to jobs in architectural firms, government, construction, development, planning industries and more, it’s also the gateway to other careers.

The strategic thinking, visual creativity, design skills and project management skills you’ll learn also apply to interesting jobs and high-powered careers in industrial design, interior design, stage/set design, virtual design, web and graphic design, fashion, visual arts and arts management.

If you’re ready to make a change, your new career as an architect is closer than you think.

From January 2020, Bond University on the Gold Coast will become one of the first universities in Australia to offer a pathway option to the Master of Architecture for students with a non-Architecture undergraduate degree.

In other words, you can have a Bachelor’s qualification in any discipline and graduate with a Master of Architecture within two years.

You’ll complete a Graduate Diploma in the first two semesters, covering the core pre-requisites; then move into the standard four semester Masters of Architecture program. With Bond University’s three-semesters-per-year timetable, you’ll finish the six semesters (Graduate Diploma + Masters) in just two years, studying full-time.

Master of Architecture pathway

Find out more about Bond's Master of Architecture pathway options.

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