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5 things I did in Year 12 that paved my way to Bond University

Written by Bachelor of International Relations / Bachelor of Laws student Saxon McGregor. 

Are you considering studying at Bond University after Year 12? Well, welcome to the community! Even before you set foot on campus, there are so many ways to engage with future and current ‘Bondies’ and to get to know the University.

As someone who completed Year 12 in 2021, I know firsthand how challenging school can be, even without the added pressure of deciding where to study, and what to study at university.

So, let me help! Here are 5 important steps I took in Year 12 that helped me get to Bond.

1. Connect with your Regional Manager

You don’t need to navigate the path to university alone. During your final year, you’ll probably have questions about campus life, study, and scholarships, just to name a few. Bond’s Regional Managers are here to help you map out and achieve your unique goals, as well as to answer any Bond-related questions that arise along the way.

What I loved most about connecting with Bond in Year 12 was knowing that the University was cheering me on. I received birthday messages and exam block check-ins, and came to campus for coffee catch-ups, all as a result of forging a relationship with my amazing Regional Manager.

To get in touch with your own personal Regional Manager, all you have to do is determine who looks after your region, and then contact them via their listed details.

2. Reach out to current Bondies

Whether you’re interested in studying law, health sciences, film and television, or one of the many other accelerated degrees available at Bond, there is a Bondy who has been in your shoes and is eager to help you. When I first decided to study at Bond, I used two incredible professional networking platforms, LinkedIn and Unibuddy, to learn more about university from the experts – AKA current Bondies.

I’m now lucky enough to count the people I met during this process amongst my greatest friends and mentors. They supported me through the application process, helped me choose where to live on campus, and now respond to my urgent text messages – especially when I’m struggling to find a classroom on campus!

These connections are extremely valuable and certainly make the transition between school and university much easier.

Saxon McGregor (pictured) began engaging with the Bond community while he was still in Year 12

3. Start your study and scholarship applications early

Starting your study and scholarship applications early gives you time to focus on Year 12 and look after yourself throughout the year. Applications to study at Bond are open year-round, which is ideal for high school students – it means you can apply whenever suits you around other commitments like exams and extracurriculars. Plus, the University’s current Year 12 entry scheme means you can actually apply with your Year 11 and first semester Year 12 results and get a ‘conditional’ offer before you even sit your exams. As long as you successfully complete Year 12 and pass your prerequisite subjects, your offer will become ‘unconditional’, and you’ll officially become a Bondy at the end of the year!

Most of Bond’s key undergraduate scholarship applications open in May and close in August, so you’ve got a few solid months to put your best foot forward.. Getting on top of these things early can be such a relief as the demands of Year 12 increase.

Learn more about 2022 Year 12 entry.

4. Take a campus tour

Bond’s unparalleled academic, technological, and recreational facilities are a must-see. Heading off on a campus tour with one of our current Bondies or knowledgeable staff is the perfect way to experience Bond as a future student. On a campus tour, you might explore laboratories, visit courtrooms or experience the Abedian School of Architecture, depending on your interests. Whatever study area you’re thinking of pursuing, I assure you that a campus tour will provide an interactive and intimate sneak peek into the Bond experience.

The best part about our campus tours? You don’t even need to be located on the Gold Coast! At Bond, we endeavour to provide personalised campus tours both in-person and online, which permits future students to experience Bond from wherever they are in the world.

Be sure to book in your campus tour today! 

5. Ask for help if you need it

You’re not expected to undertake the journey to university alone. Seek support from your teachers, career advisor, family, and friends throughout the selection and application processes. If you have any questions about Bond, reach out to our regional managers or connect with a current Bondy via the Unibuddy live chat.If you’re looking for it, you’ll quickly learn that help is all around you.

Beginning your dream program and relishing Bond’s number one-rated student experience is worth every late night, consultation, and five-hundredth read over of your application. Trust me, once you become a Bondy, you’ll know what I mean – there’s only one way to find out.

Ready to join the Bond community?

Applications are open year-round, and are free and easy to complete online.


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