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4 students on why they switched to Bond

Deciding where to go to uni is a huge decision. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out the first time around – and that’s okay! There’s so much value in discovering what you want out of a university, and often, you won’t realise what that is until you’ve given it a go.

So, when the time comes to switch to a new university, it’s important to really consider every facet of the experience it offers, and how all of these elements can affect your time at uni and beyond.

Here at Bond, we’re all about the student experience – in fact, students are at the heart of everything we do – and it’s our aim to make sure that you have the support and resources you need to excel in your studies. If this sounds like your kind of university, Bond might be the ideal place to foster your academic growth, ultimately leading to an exceptional career.

Don’t take our word for it, though. We spoke to four students about why they chose to take the leap and switch to Bond – here’s what they had to say.

Stephanie White, Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Psychological Science

“After graduating high school, I started studying in Melbourne with an open mind and an eager attitude. I expected to make friends, go to parties, learn about my chosen area of interest, and get involved in extracurricular activities. I was prepared for the ‘highlight reel’ of first-year uni. After a few weeks, I realised that my expectations weren’t going to be met. Although disappointed, I continued my usual routine of going to class, sitting with my one friend, and returning home,” Stephanie says.

“To some extent, I was enjoying my university experience, however, I couldn’t help but wonder if I could be enjoying it far more elsewhere.

“For simplicity’s sake, I wish I could say I knew straight away that I wanted to leave – that I wanted to come to Bond, move away from my family and friends, and study interstate. However, the decision to switch universities was a lot more complex.

“For me, the decision was difficult because I had to acknowledge that by staying put, I was being complacent. Because I was not necessarily unhappy with where I was studying, switching universities was not an obvious choice. In my experience, the decision ultimately came down to one question: would I be happier and more fulfilled studying elsewhere?

“If you’re thinking about making the switch, the most important thing to consider is how you can optimise your university experience to meet – or better yet, exceed – your expectations. As a Bondy, I feel privileged to say that my university experience has surpassed all my expectations.”

Aditya Kaushal (left), Medical Program

“Everyone wants to study at a uni where they aren’t just another number in their cohort. So, when I was accepted into the Medical Program, it was a pretty easy choice to leave my old institution behind and make the move up to the Gold Coast to experience this at Bond,” Aditya says.

“I was not disappointed! Bond’s small class sizes allow me to develop personal connections with not only my lecturers and teaching associates, but also my classmates. This has made it so much easier to ask and answer questions in different classes,” he says.

“Moreover, Bond has a strong emphasis on supporting their students throughout their studies. We’ve had multiple lectures educating us on how to look after ourselves during stressful periods, whilst also highlighting the multiple different student services offered here, such as the Academic Skills Centre and our amazing on-campus counsellors!

“So if you’re thinking of making a change and applying to Bond, I say do it! You will not be disappointed.”

Harrison Hoy, Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Transformation

“I went to a different university and started an education degree. I got halfway through that and decided that I didn't enjoy the degree as much. And then I took a little bit of time off and really reassessed what I wanted to do with my career moving forward, which brought me back to Bond and back to the entrepreneurial transformation degree,” Harrison says.

“I took some time off and then realised what I needed to do if I was to come back, and that was to really buy into the incredible Bond culture of helping each other out and making connections and friends in the small classes. So, coming back to university this time around, it was definitely an amazing change-up in terms of my happiness at university and the way I approach my degree.

“It was truly in the first couple of days where I realised that this was the degree that I wanted to do, and this was where I wanted to be in my life.”

Hafsa Hersi, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)

“I made the switch to Bond University after starting my undergraduate degree later than planned. As a result, I was searching for ways to accelerate my degree,” Hafsa says.

“Since making the switch, I've come to learn of the many perks that come with studying at a university focused on student experience and student outcomes. I've also benefited from the smaller classes and friendly supervisors who always have their doors open for any enquiries and assistance,” she says.

“Studying at Bond has allowed me to form close relationships with students and teachers from all over the world, who are working across a multitude of degrees and research areas. I'm so thankful for the connections and opportunities that have come from making the switch!”

While switching universities is often a big decision, for many of our students who have made the move, it’s opened up new doors to opportunities and meant they could have a rewarding experience that stands out from the rest.

If you’re considering following their lead, we’re always here to help talk things through. Book a consult or connect with a current student now.

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