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12 random acts of kindness to do at university

Written by Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of International Relations student, Andie-Lee Cilliers.   

As a Bondy, I‚Äôm proud to say¬†we have an incredible community ‚Äď everyone is happy to stop for a chat, wave as you pass one another on the Thinking Steps, or come together for a coffee break at Papyrus. I guess you could say that we‚Äôre quite good at spreading happiness, but seeing as¬†it‚Äôs¬†Kindness Week, now‚Äôs the¬†right¬†time to double down on these good vibes.¬†¬†¬†

Random acts of kindness   

We‚Äôve all heard about¬†random acts¬†of kindness, but here‚Äôs a refresher ‚Ästa random act of kindness is¬†an unexpected act of helpfulness performed for someone else, whether that‚Äôs a stranger, family member or friend. It has no motive¬†-¬†other than to share and spread happiness and improve¬†someone else‚Äôs day.¬†¬†

Essentially, a random act of kindness is doing something nice for someone else, without being asked and without the need for recognition, or anything in return.   

Andie-Lee Cilliers

The power of kindness   

Kindness can increase a person’s sense of happiness, because it promotes gratitude, empathy and compassion. Some research has also found that sharing kindness can improve your mental and physical wellbeing by reducing stress. We could all could use a little bit of extra kindness - especially during challenging times like the recent pandemic. By sharing kindness on campus, you can show your appreciation for people and contribute to making everyone feel happy and at home at Bond.   

People are more likely to do be more kind to the people that they have a closer relationship with, so I‚Äôve focussed this list on sharing kindness with strangers. But don‚Äôt forget about your close family and friends ‚Äď they will appreciate your random of kindness just as much!¬†

Here are top 12 random acts of kindness to try on campus:   

  1. In line at Pulse Café? Offer to buy coffee for the person behind you.   
  2. If you are eating dinner at Lakeside, offer to take your table’s dirty dishes to the cleaning station.   
  3. Tape some money to¬†the¬†vending machine¬†outside the¬†Main¬†Library¬†with a note¬†saying,¬†‚Äėhave a snack on me!‚Äô¬†¬†
  4. Sit with someone new in a lecture and introduce yourself ‚Äď you might¬†just¬†make a new friend!¬†¬†¬†
  5. Leave a copy of your favourite book on the tables outside the MLC with a note¬†saying,¬†‚Äėtake me‚Äô.¬†¬†¬†
  6. Bring a packet of your favourite lollies to a tutorial to share with your classmates.  
  7. Thank a lecturer or tutor and let them know you appreciate them.  
  8. Write a postcard to¬†someone you haven‚Äôt spoken to in a while¬†‚Ästshare your favourite memory¬†of them, or even just let them know that you¬†were thinking of¬†them.¬†¬†¬†
  9. Park a little further away than you usually would, so you can save a closer car park for a stranger.   
  10. Give a genuine compliment to two people every day.   
  11. If you know that someone has just organised an event at Bond ‚Äď let them know that you think they did a good job!¬†¬†
  12. While getting your free weekly sausage sizzle at  the Bond University Student Association's (BUSA) Wednesday by the Water, remember to say thank you, it will definitely put a smile on the BUSA members’ faces.  

Kindness Week at Bond University

Bond's inaugural Kindness Week is being held from 25 - 29 October.

View schedule of events

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