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Law journals

About Bond Law's publications

All of the Bond Law journals are double blind peer reviewed by experts in the field. The journals are published online as open access and all accepted papers are published and made available at no cost to the author or the reader and may be freely downloaded and used in accordance with the terms of the Non Commercial No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) Creative Commons licence.

The Sports Law and Governance Journal (formerly Sports Law eJournal) was established in 2005 by the Centre for Commercial Law at Bond University. The Journal has an international and comparative law focus and contributors will discuss and analyse all aspects of sports law and regulation. The Journal will be of interest to sports lawyers and administrators, sports managers and leaders, sports participants and sports law and management students. Articles are written by leading researchers, practitioners and students in all aspects of sports law.


The Australian Journal of Clinical Education (AJCE) is devoted to issues of practice and innovation in clinical education across the two disciplines of Law and Health. The Bond University Faculty of Law's Centre for Professional Legal Education administers the journal.


The Bond Law Review (BLR) publishes articles, comments and notes on the whole spectrum of legal topics and issues, and normally publishes two issues each year.


The Dispute Resolution Review (DRR) is an international and interdisciplinary journal that provides in-depth scholarly commentary on, and analysis of, all aspects of dispute resolution. The journal is published by the Bond University Faculty of Law operating under the auspices of the Faculty's Dispute Resolution Centre and covers the spectrum of dispute resolution processes including negotiation, mediation, med-arb and other 'hybrid' processes, arbitration, litigation and civil procedure.


The Enterprise Governance eJournal (EGeJ) focuses on global corporate governance law and practices for commercial and not for profit organisations.

This journal's former title was the Corporate Governance eJournal (ISSN 1836-1110) established in 2005 by the Centre for Commercial Law based in the Faculty of Law at Bond University and the journal continues under the auspices of this faculty and institution. All articles in the Enterprise Governance eJournal dated 2005 to 2018 were published under this former title and contribute in-depth scholarship and analysis on various topics including corporate law, directors duties, corporate social responsibility and international corporate governance frameworks.

Under its new title the eJournal will broaden its scope and be of interest to lawyers, business managers, directors of commercial and not for profit organisations, and law and management academics and students.


Established in 1989, the Revenue Law Journal is an Australian journal with an international focus on all aspects of taxation. Articles are written by leading tax thinkers and are scrutinised by experts of international standing.