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Bond University to lead $14 million research project to Advance Sports Science

Bond University will lead a national $14million sports science research project, the largest of its kind, with $5.75 million cash funding from the Commonwealth Government, it was announced yesterday.

The Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education has awarded Bond University a $5.75million Collaborative Research Network (CRN) grant.

In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute, and the University of Sydney, the project will identify proactive ways to manage the health and fitness, and potential for injury of athletes and the wider community.

Bond University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Tim Brailsford said the CRN grant was a significant development for the University and sports science research in Australia and the timing could not have been better.

“This is not only Australia’s largest sports science research project it is also the largest research grant awarded to Bond University in its 23 year history. With the Olympics about to commence, the timing of this announcement could not have been better,” said Professor Brailsford.

“This CRN grant signifies the substantial growth of this University’s research capability in recent times and supports our strategic direction towards expanding our research infrastructure and to elevating the role of sport within university life.

“Bond has established a reputation for sporting excellence. We have six Bondies competing at this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games and we have existing relationships with Queensland Academy of Sport, Queensland Government and Queensland Rugby Union. Our sports science academics are some of the best in their fields, and our club sporting teams continue to achieve. This CRN grant will provide the platform to further build on these foundations.

“Bond is committed to providing one of the country’s best university sporting experiences through our culture, outstanding facilities, practical program curriculum and flexible education system.

“The project also presents a number of opportunities for our students through scholarships, participation in the research activities and connections to industry.

“The Gold Coast will increasingly be in the sporting spotlight as the City progresses with preparations for the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2018. It is an exciting time to be launching this national sports science research project that looks at the performance potential of the human body and injury risk and recovery,” said Professor Brailsford.

The CRN program provides a platform for regional institutions, such as Bond, to develop our research capacity and strengthen research systems by partnering with other institutions to leverage world-class infrastructure and specialist expertise.

“The calibre of the researchers collaborating on this project is outstanding. It will bring together some of Australia’s most prominent sports science experts including Professor Bon Gray from Bond University; Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh from the University of Sydney; Professor Nicholas Brown, AIS Deputy Director (Research and Applied Science); and  Professor Matthew Brown, a musculosketal science expert from The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute.

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