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Bond University PhD Student presents to German Real Estate Management Institute

A Bond University Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture’s PhD student, Mr Peter Glynn was hosted by Professor Nico Rottke, Managing Director of the European Business School, Real Estate Management Institute, Germany early July 2011.

Mr Glynn presented on his PhD research ‘Climate change related labour market implications for the construction and property industry to the Mind Factory.

The Mind Factory is a periodic gathering of professors and PhD students at which they report and critique each other’s work. There are no rules, no good or bad questions, and no good or bad presentations. The engagement is well intended and constructive for all involved.

Mr Glynn said, “The opportunity to present under these rules was quite unique, and proved valuable, the independent and objective observations bringing to the fore the strong and not so strong the aspects of my research progress.”

The European Business School, Real Estate Management Institute is part of a private university in the same way as Bond University, and this month the Institute celebrates its 5th anniversary. The Real Estate Management Institute’s study options and facilities are very similar to Bonds, with similarities in drive, ambition and vision for the educational facility.

My Glynn, on behalf of Professor Earl extended an invitation to the staff and students to visit Bond and to consider accessing the programmes that are on offer for both undergraduate and post graduate students. Professor Rottke expressed his desire to foster the relationship with Bond and the Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture, recalling with respect the discussions held with Professor Earl about the mutual opportunities and benefits for staff, students and collaborative research.

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