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Bond Together 242

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Students, staff, and faculty, we invite you to join us for the inaugural Bond Together event during Week 5! This event will be held every semester during Week 5, and is a fantastic opportunity to get involved, connect with others, and make a difference. We encourage you not only to participate but also to consider leading your own activities. Let's make this a memorable week together!

Bond Together event banner

So what is Bond Together?

Celebrating Respect, Diversity and Inclusion

Bond Together is a week-long event spotlighting the voices and lived experiences of our diverse community, and encouraging conversation and connection as the foundation for creating change. Bond University strives to create a culture where every individual feels seen, heard, and respected. Our inaugural event from June 10-15 will pull together a vibrant range of existing and new initiatives across campus that celebrate and unite our community, as well as create safe spaces to share experiences, and learn.


Collaborating to create positive change

Bond Together encourages collaboration and insight from the entire Bond community to celebrate respect, diversity, and inclusion. The inaugural event will host workshops to nurture wellbeing, identity, mindfulness, and relationships, as well as platform more serious subjects such as discrimination, inequity, harassment and violence, and bystander behaviours. We aim to showcase a variety of new opportunities during each semesterly iteration of Bond Together to connect, grow together and create positive change.