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BUFTA Student Academy

Get hands-on filmmaking tips and support from our Bond experts! Dive into a full day of cinematography, lighting and editing workshops.

The BUFTA Student Academy is an opportunity for high school students to meet and talk directly to our staff and industry experts about film and television and build up their skills and knowledge to prepare them to enter BUFTA.

Students will benefit from three intensive mini-workshops in one day, focusing on cinematography, lighting, editing and colour grading. These workshops are open to students with all levels of filmmaking experience, from beginners to advanced!

Spots are limited, so registration is essential!



Dive Into Scriptwriting

Discover the art of storytelling! This session will explore the essentials of scriptwriting, guiding you through the process of creating compelling narratives and engaging dialogue. Learn from experienced scriptwriters how to develop captivating stories, memorable characters, and structure your screenplay for maximum impact. Whether you’re creating a drama, action or comedy film, this session will equip you with the skills to bring your creative vision to life. 

Camera and Lighting

Lights, camera, action! This session is designed to provide you with fundamental knowledge about camera work and lighting and how to achieve the best set-up and conditions for your filming projects. Gain hands on experience with professional equipment and learn techniques to enhance the quality of your shots. 

Editing and Postproduction

Master the basics of film editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve in a session led by Bond's Film and Television professionals, which will help boost your confidence and technical skills when it comes to fine-tuning your work.

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