Exercise & Sports Science Seminar

The Female Athlete - Body Image and Performance

Female athlete exercising in weight lifting

Bond's Exercise and Sports Science invite you to attend their seminar: The Female Athlete - Body Image and Performance presented by Judith Griffiths and Anna Lorimer. 

This panel discussion will examine how body image and performance requirements affect female athletes. The seminar presentations will look at the psychology behind female athletes’ body image, in particular, the development of disordered eating and the effect on performance and impact of low energy availability on female athletes’ performance with a focus on how females respond differently to dieting and exercise. A 'Q&A' with female athletes who participate in weight-restricted sports will follow.

When | Tuesday, 20 August 2019
Time | 6.30 - 7.30pm
Venue | Level 1, Bond Institute of Health and Sport

Light refreshments provided.

Meet our presenters

Judith Griffiths: The Psychology of Body Image

Judith is a registered Psychologist and Assistant Professor in Exercise and Sport Science at Bond University. She works with athletes in private practice to improve performance and teaches Sport and Exercise Psychology at Bond university.

Anna Lorimer: Diet and the Female Athlete

Anna is Assistant Professor in Exercise and Sport Science at Bond University, a triathlon coach and long-distance triathlon athlete. As a female athlete she has a particular interest in the different response to diet and exercise that women experience compared to their male counterparts.

Athlete panel

includes a female trio of Arianna Clarke (AFLW), Alannah Fancourt (Professional Jockey and Claire Buttner (Rowing Coach)