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Five Bondies on what a gender equal world looks like

An equal world is an enabled world - that’s the theme of International Women’s Day 2020.

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements through challenging stereotypes, fighting bias and broadening perceptions to work towards a gender equal world.

As a signatory to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Bond is committed to playing a part in achieving these goals, including SDG number five - gender equality. 

Here, five Bond students share what a gender equal world looks like to them.

Wei Luo, Master of Arts (TESOL)

Many of us grow up in an environment where different genders are portrayed in certain ways, and stereotypes are set subtly through all aspects: social media, textbooks, advertising, lyrics, music videos and news.

In a gender equal world, the imbalance of power shall vanish, and we shall all be able to share equal and diverse stories regardless of gender.

Rebecca Tannenbaum, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce

A gender equal world is knowing that I will be respected the same, heard as loudly and paid as much as my male counterparts. A gender equal world isn’t about female supremacy. It isn’t about placing a woman on a board just to meet ratio requirements and it isn’t about treating women delicately in belief that that is the only way to avoid misogyny.

I am very fortunate to be entering the legal profession in a time when women are being accepted, but the journey certainly has not ended, and we need to strive every day to aim for better equality. So, this International Women’s Day, lets shout it from the rooftops #eachforequal!

Jess Borten, Bachelor of Journalism

To me, a gender equal world would have equal opportunity. Providing opportunities for both men and women to reach their full potential ensures diversity in the workforce and equal representation. 

I think equal access to education is crucial in allowing this to fathom into a reality. It is important to encourage all young people to achieve their goals. 

Neil Josen Delos Reyes, Bachelor of Biomedical Science

A gender equal world would look like the world we have now, except boys are not just boys and girls are not only girls. They can be the best version of themselves without thinking whether their expression is masculine or feminine.

This gender equal world also has the same ability to love as our world now, except they can be more openly shared and appreciated. This boundless love can also prevent hate from arising except when this love is being challenged. A gender-equal world is possible. I would even dare say it can be made soon if we all learn to love. 

Blake Lam, Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Laws

Walking, feeling eyes watching, judging, usually silently, but not always. Feeling anxious, embarrassed, angry, and even scared in some cases. This is what it feels like for people who don’t meet the ‘norms’ of society. We’ve progressed significantly from the serious issues facing those identifying as different genders or express attraction to people of the same gender, but we haven’t progressed far enough.

So long as a hand slips out of a hold as a couple walks down a street, a pace quickens because someone doesn’t feel safe, or a smile slips from a face, there’s room for greater progress towards equality. I look forward to a future where I personally don’t experience any of this.

International Women's Day 2020

How will you help forge a gender equal world?

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