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Studying for exams can be particularly stressful, but throw a few assignments and pressure over choosing their post-high school path into the mix, and you’ll have one very overwhelmed teen on your hands! Watch out: stress can present itself in a variety of ways, so keep an eye out for changes in your teen’s emotions and behaviour, as well as their physical and mental health.   

The good news is, they have you to care for them, support them, and help teach them the right habits to carry through school, to university and beyond. 

Here are a few things you can do to help a particularly stressed-out teen:

1. Feed their brain

Ensure their meals and snacks are nutritious, with their required servings of fruits and vegetables, and encourage healthy snacking. 

2. Keep them hydrated 

Eight glasses of water a day is the golden number. This will ensure they’ve got lots of energy to support effective study habits. 

3. Get moving 

Lead by example or get active with them. Want extra brownie points? Encourage social fitness with friends. They’ll feel like they get to socialise while exercising at the same time – and they’ll have you to thank for that!  

4. Encourage meditation

It’ll clear their mind and keep them calm. Meditation is a 21st century skill backed by lots of positive research, and is something they’ll carry with them through their life in stressful times.

5. Promote taking breaks

You don’t have to ask us twice! It’s important your teen has time to rest and recharge between tasks to avoid burnout. Encourage them to do their favourite things, or simply do nothing. Often we need permission to rest like this, so it’s important they know you support them switching off.

6. Inspire sleep and relaxation

This is no mean feat, but experts say sleep helps the brain to process information and improve learning. Encourage them to get 8 hours a night where possible.

7. Celebrate the small wins

No matter how small or how big, help them to reflect on how far they’ve come by making those achievements into occasions. After all, you’re their biggest cheerleader!

With stress on the back burner, they’ll be able to study more productively. Remember, a healthy life is conducive to effective learning – the more they overload themselves, the less they’ll truly retain. Happy studying!