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Study areas

Bond University Library provides a variety of study spaces across the Main and Law Libraries and the Multimedia Learning Centre to suit different learning styles and needs. Computer workstations, casual lounge areas, study rooms, booths and individual study spaces are available.

A range of small and large rooms are available for groups to do collaborative work and study. There is also a bookable studio for recording video and audio.  Students are permitted to book a maximum of 3 hours per day, and a maximum of 6 hours per week. 

Quiet conversation areas

Main LibraryLevel 2
Mezzanine on Level 3
Group study rooms on levels 2 and 4
Law LibraryLevel 2
Group study rooms on level 3
Multimedia Learning CentreGeneral area and Global Links Room

Silent study areas

Main LibraryLevel 3
Level 4
Law LibraryLevel 2 collection area
Level 3
Multimedia Learning CentreDigital Media Hub

Library study areas

  • Level 2 Main Library

    Conversation spaces

    A mix of small tables with chairs, and large tables with lounges.

    Map & Directions
    Read more about Level 2 Main Library
  • Level 3 Main Library

    Silent Zone

    A large area of study carrels in a silent zone. Stand-up desk (or tall stools) along the wall.

    Map & Directions
    Read more about Level 3 Main Library
  • Level 4 Main Library

    Silent Zone

    Great for distraction-free study, this space has individual study carrels and a great view of the lake for deep-thinking. 

    Map & Directions
    Read more about Level 4 Main Library
  • Level 2 Law Library

    Conversation spaces

    Tables with great lighting, views of the quadrangle, chairs and bench seats along the window. The Law Library also has quiet zones.

    Map & Directions
    Read more about Level 2 Law Library
  • Level 2 Law Library

    Computers with a view

    A dreamy view to rest your eyes from the computer screen, in a silent study zone.

    Map & Directions
    Read more about Level 2 Law Library
  • Multimedia Learning Centre

    Mixed spaces

    Quiet and collaborative spaces, including the bookable Global Links Room, and the Studio for audio and video recording.

    Map & Directions
    Read more about Multimedia Learning Centre
  • Lounge - Main Library

    Conversation space

    High-backed lounge, a comfortable location to study with friends.

    Map & Directions
    Read more about Lounge - Main Library
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Assistive Technology Room

The Assistive Technology Room on Level 4 of the Main Library can be booked by eligible students.

The room includes a computer with accessibility software, press button door opener, emergency call button and other features.

Students registered with the University’s Accessibility & Inclusion Advisor have priority use of the Assistive Technology Room. It must be vacated upon request for a registered student.

Accessible facilities & services

Services and facilities available to students including wheelchair access, toilets, the Assistive Technology Room and accessible resources.

Alternative locations

When the Libraries and Multimedia Learning Centre spaces are in high demand, don't forget there are other options across the campus.

Business Commons

Bond Business School, Building 2, Floor 1 Map & directions

The Atrium

Health Sciences and Medicine, Building 5, Floor 3 Map & directions

Society & Design Precinct

Building 3, Floor 2 Map & directions

Law Student Lounge

Law, Building 4, Floor 2 Map & Directions