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3 things you didn't know you could do in Library Search

Unlock these hidden features by logging in to Library Search.

Get email alerts for new resources

Interested in getting emailed whenever the Library purchases or gets online access to resources in your field of study? 

Start by logging in to Library Search, search for your chosen keywords, click the 'Save this search' option and then from the yellow bar, click the bell icon. You'll receive a weekly email whenever new resources are added to Library Search which match your keywords.

Even if you don't want to set up an alert, saving your search means anytime you want to rerun the search, all you have to do is log in to Library Search and go to the Saved Searches tab in your collection.

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Save items to your collection

Every search result in Library Search will show a pin icon. Once you've logged in to Library Search, clicking the pin will save the result to your collection. After pinning items, you can click on the large pin icon in the top bar to view them, making this an efficient way to work through your search results.

From your saved collection, you can also tag each result, which allows you to group and filter the results to different topic areas, subjects or even specific assignments. It's totally up to you.

Find your forgotten searches in your search history

Forgot what those magic keywords were that you used in a previous search? Logging in to Library Search means all your diligently curated keyword searches are automatically saved. The filters or advanced search options are retained in the history too. 

Find your forgotten keywords by going to your collection and clicking the Search History tab.


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Suggest a purchase

Current students and staff can suggest books or dvds you think should be available to borrow.

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