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Systematic Review Accelerator (SRA)

Literature review and synthesis is central to research and evidence-informed decision making. Automation can make the process faster, while maintaining and enhancing quality. The SRA is a suite of automation tools built to make conducting all types of evidence reviews or synthesis easier and faster. As each tool is designed to help with a specific review task, people can use as many or as few as they like. 

Existing tools are being continuously reviewed and refined, and additional tools are being developed. The SRA tools are freely available for anyone in the world to use. 

The following presentation has an Introduction and short demo presented by Sarah Bateup, Faculty Librarian, Bond University.

Systematic Review Accelerator (SRA): introduction and short demo


A semi-automated tool to guide the systematic review team through the writeup of the methods section of a systematic review protocol.


A lot of the tools in the SRA need you to upload references to them. This is done by exporting references from Reference Management Software (e.g. EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley) as an XML file, then uploading this XML file to the SRA.

Help guide:



90-min online training sessions

Throughout the year we present various workshops on the use of automation tools to assist with systematic reviews.
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2 week systematic reviews (2weekSR)

A 2weekSR is a full systematic review (SR) done to a high methodological standard following all the normal systematic review processes, completed in a vastly shortened time frame. The award-winning 2weekSRs combine the following elements: a team with complementary SR skills, previous SR experience, systematic review automation (SRA) tools, and agile development processes. These factors allow for the completion of an accelerated SR in extremely shortened time frames – generally in 2 weeks.

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