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Delivering world-class research

Our research addresses four big, neglected problems in healthcare: antibiotic resistance, overdiagnosis, waste in research, and neglected non-drug treatment. Our focus in these areas assists health systems to provide care that is patient-centred and informed by evidence, and enables patients to make decisions that are congruent with their values, preferences and circumstances.

Antibiotic resistance

currently leads to 30,000 avoidable deaths per year in Europe and the USA, threatens elective surgery, and foreshadows a resurgence of the bacterial diseases of the 19th century.

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has led to a massive increase in the apparent prevalence of many diseases through definition change and overdetection, and rising healthcare costs.

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Neglected non-drug treatments

are often as effective and as safe, or safer than their pharmaceutical cousins but are poorly described, poorly ‚Äúmarketed‚ÄĚ, and therefore little used.

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Waste in medical research

is estimated to cost over $100 billion per  year from avoidable design flaws, non-publication and poor reporting, resulting in >85% avoidable waste.

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