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Get to Know Your Faculty Librarian - HSM

Welcome to O-Week! Every faculty at Bond has a dedicated Librarian. The compulsory Get to Know Your Faculty Librarian sessions will introduce you to your Faculty Librarians and the services offered by the Library. 

Faculty of Society and Design (FSD)Wednesday 2.00pm Theatre 3 (6_3_29)
Bond Business School (BBS)Wednesday 2.00pm Gregor Heiner Theatre (5_3_27)​
Faculty of Law (LAW)Wednesday 2.00pm Theatre 2 (6_3_14)​
Bond University College (BUC)Wednesday 2.00pm Case Study 1 (6_3_23)
Health Sciences and Medicine (HSM) Wednesday 4.00pm Basil Sellers Theatre (06_3_12)

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