COMN12-213: Communication Research


Communication Research is an examination of the differing approaches to research, methods of framing communication research questions in science & industry, & techniques for gathering, organising & interpreting observations. Students engage in a semester-long hands-on project that applies concepts & practices used in the research process covered in the lectures. Upon completion of the subject, students will have both the literacy to understand research & the skills necessary to undertake research projects.

Learning outcomes

1. Students will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the principles of qualitative and quantitative research methodology and apply theory to practical research projects.
2. Students will be able to deal with research problems, time management and decision making.
3. Students will develop practical data collection and analytical skills and will design a complete, professional research report.
4. Students will have an advanced understanding of social and ethical obligations in academic and corporate research environments.


No prior knowledge required.

Subject outlines